April 26, 2016

Everything You Need To Know About The Souvenir Jacket Trend


Florals for spring? We know it’s groundbreaking, but this season’s hottest trend isn’t just about putting pretty petals on bomber jackets. Want the scoop on everyone’s newest fashion obsession? Get the FORA-1-1 under the cut!

The History


Souvenir jackets, also known as Sukajan in Japanese, is deeply rooted in Asian/American history. Dating back to the end of WWII, The jackets were literally souvenirs for soldiers serving campaigns in Vietnam and Korea, commemorating time served overseas.

The souvenir jacket mixed design features of both Western and Eastern icons: cherry blossoms were found beside soaring eagles, dragons were entwined with American phraseology. They were crafted with silk and suited with an American varsity style collar.

Post-war, the souvenir jacket became popular with the Japanese as well. It became a counter-culture statement piece for the youth that rejected the trend of adopting American fashions such as blue jeans and Oxford button-downs. To the rest of society, the defiant act of rocking a souvenir jacket then became associated with gangs, the yakuza and other criminals.

Pop Culture


The 1960s came and while the Japanese youth found themselves obsessed with American culture and style, American and English icons like Mick Jagger were adopting the Sukajan into their own wardrobes. More recently, you might remember RyGos’ all-white number from the neo noir film Drive.



In recent seasons, re-imagined Sukajans were seen on the runways in Gucci, Louis Vuitton and Stella McCartney shows. From being part of Asian-American history, this statement piece has gone on to become a fashion staple this spring.



If their rich history isn’t a convincing enough argument in favour of rocking this jacket, check out some of our celeb crushes who have stunted in them.



From the runways to the racks of boutiques and online shops, the souvenir jacket has cemented its place as one of this season’s most coveted pieces. Whether it’s a Supreme exclusive that sells out in minutes or fast-fashion version at Zara, there is no shortage of styles and colours for you to choose from. Can’t get enough of this trend? Get your hands on one now.

Where To Buy

[ASOS, $213][2.Zara, $139] [3. Stella McCartney, $3,380] [4. Zara, $159] [5. Urban Outfitters, $189]

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