July 7, 2014

Evolution of Dakota Fanning


Dakota Fanning is no longer that awkward, retainer-wearing preteen anymore. At 20 years old, she’s now…!a woman! Not to mention she’s got the style and hot beau to prove it. Follow us as we delve into the ~Evolution of Dakota Fanning~.



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BB Phase


At 7 years old, Dakota got her start in the movie I Am Sam. She looks cute as a buttttttton in her yellow satin dress. Kind of like a garden of sunflowers or a basket of lemons or the sun in the summertime.



Awkward Phase

This phase seemed to be the most memorable in my books. Growing up in the spotlight means tons of video and photo documentation off your embarrassing formative years… AKA losing teeth, getting braces, and wearing HEAD GEAR on national TV.


Praaaam Queen Phase


Dakota started to come into her own during her high school years. She lost her braces, became a cheerleader, and was voted *~*Homecoming Qu33n*~*. Her life seems exactly like every 90’s RomCom teen dream.


Marc Jacobs Ad to Present


Dakota was part of a very ~controversial ad~ for MJ’s perfume, Lola, with critics saying that her pose was too provocative for a 17 year old girl. STAWP. She looks great and since then she’s been showing the whole world how much she’s grown up, starting with her babe of a boyfriend Jamie Strachan being 12 years her senior. Dakota’s style, both street and event, seems to me consistently on point and damn she looks flawless.



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