August 28, 2014


As I’m sure you’ve realized, here at FORA, we’re all about making *bold* statements. Whether these statements come in sartorial forms (read: donning a full-on pug costume to the studio), or in subtle, less literal forms (read: discrediting your taste in faces of the male variety), chances are, we’ve done it and/or we’re doing it – with a bag of Reese’s peanut butter cups in hand.

So needless to say, our second installment of FACE TIME WITH FORA depicts a long and treacherous journey where we distill the beautiful face of none other than A$AP Rocky himself. While the response was much greater this time around (the sheer volume of poetry was quite overwhelming for me), truthfully, I think it’s only because I made a point to send out the call for submissions (an email timestamped 11:30pm) a little bit earlier because I am good at #plans. Regardless, we still love you, Josh. You might be the underdog, but we appreciate you. #FASHIONKILLAZ



Andrea Pace

Each braid – a memory
That jaw – perfection
His steez – a victory
Those eyes – been lost in them for days.


Jen Cheng

Wassap A$AP Rocky, I’d just like to say,
Your french braids really make my day.
I wouldn’t care if you only had a peso,
Cause you’re the angel of my dreams, complete with halo.
You have the prettiest face,
Your voice kinda ace.
I wouldn’t mind if we could just find a place,
For just us two, out of this world.
So please be my brand new guy – I’ll be your girl.
We’ll live in an apartment, complete with Margiela coasters,
Microwave oven, fancy new fridge, and two toasters.
I promise not to steal any of your Diors,
If you promise you’ll be mine and I’ll be yours.


Dani Reynolds

A$AP Rocky: A Softer Side

Hark! A baby angel! Or is that just Rakim?
Maybe you call him Rocky, but there’s another side to him.
A face so divine you’ll find it in The September issue.
So beautiful I want to cry. Wah. Now I need a tissue.
More than just a man with braidz, more than a hooligan.
He’s Lana’s modern JFK, in a beige cardigan.


Vanessa Cesario

A$AP Rocky you own my heart
Knew we were soulmates from da start
My bae the fashion killa
Handsome and he gettin’ dat skrilla
So lets get married and bring it back
Uh huh honey LONG LIVE A$AP


Rosanna Peng

Do you like kale smoothies?
Want me to blend you breakfast?
We should catch a movie.
Or find the perfect salad pairing ft. lettuce.
Do you like to run marathons?
And if I should marry you, will I be American?

**I’m vegetarian and I don’t know anything about you. Bye.**


Victoria Pandeirada

Like Ke$ha’s long lost cousin from harlem; you rock a dollar sign in your name
I wish I had the courage 2 do da same
From your teeth made of copper, brass, maybe gold?
You truly show us fashion killaz how to break da mold
I pretend to know your songs when their brought up in conversation,
Your entirety of being = coolness, dat’s #personification.

*mic drop*


Dani Roche

I might not be American, but tell me I’m your National Anthem.
Canadian bred, but I’ll pretend (’cause your face is so handsome).
On small screens you may have been a fictional Mr. President,
But in my IRL heart…you are the main resident.
LDR may have sent me Off To The Races
And by that I mean long distance relationship – un-proximal chases ; )
The duality of my abbreviations is really quite impressive,
But I am good with more than just words – and I’m sorry if this comes off as suggestive.


And from (that same) anonymous straight male ghost writer…

French braids, gold chains
Your raps reverberate around my rib cage
Into my lungs and sit in my chest
You’re no thief, but you’ve stolen my breath.
Rocky, you rock it proper
Always $trive And Prosper
Rihanna may be your fashion killa
But for you, I keep it trilla.

With images by Jen C.



+ Josh Hartnett

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