September 24, 2014

FACE TIME WITH FORA: Matthew Gray Gubler

Enter the face of Matthew Gray Gubler. A face of many emotions. A face of many talents. A face of much beauty. A face that needs no further introduction.



Carrie Cai

May I run my hands through your luscious, slightly wavy locks?
And watch you as you create art? (Or sleep.)
Turtlenecks, you wear them well.
Take me, on your journey of life (aquatic).
Hold me, like you would your magic playing cards.
Enchanting us with your personality,
While slaying hearts with that face.
(I love you.)



Yona Strauss

Matthew Gray Gubler you’re as addictive as meth
Just saying your name gets me out of breath

I dream of caressing your flow of perfection
How long do you exfoliate for that perfect complexion?

With cheekbones so sharp they could probably open cans
Don’t think we didn’t notice your exceptionally large hands.

So let’s sit by the fire and watch Planet of the Apes
You just look pretty and I’ll feed you grapes.

Editor’s note: FORA does not condone the usage of ANY drugs.


Dani Roche

Matthew Gray Gubler you’re just my type,
Tall and blonde – you’d be a sure right swipe.
But maybe that’s optimism – I’m unsure.
Let’s just say that I wouldn’t turn you away if you were at my front door!

But hypothetically if I WERE to find you on my Tinder,
I’d pull a Tay Swift and make you a really great dinner.
Peanut butter sandwiches shaped like hearts,
An illustration of us two – because I’m really great at art.

Sky’s the limit and my heart – you’re in it…
You’ve got my aesthetic appreciation.

Myers Briggs says we’re compatible,
My ESFJ to your INTP is legitimately magical.
Typology? Positive; A++ – plus, plus.
Please accept this fact…please – don’t put up a fuss!

Wes Anderson affiliation –
My glasses are misty from condensation.
I might wear contact lenses, but I’m certain that your eyes…
Are the reason for my forthcoming demise.

I love you.


Jen Cheng

Hey there Matty G,
I saw a video of you singing.
You were kinda off-key,
So that got me thinking.

I’m not sure if you are exactly,
My type of male.
But I’m sure that someone else will gladly,
Take you without fail.


Andrea Pace

Matthew Gray Gubler, you handsome s.o.b
With your sweet little smile, I wish it was for me.
Matthew Gray Gubler, there is nothing better
than that time you wore that gorgeous red, turtleneck sweater.
Matthew Gray Gubler, I love that you’re part of Team Zissou,
that’s just one of many reasons, I am dying to kiss you.
Matthew Gray Gubler, they say love is blind
but I seriously can’t get you off of my criminal mind ; )


Anonymous straight male ghost writer

Matthew, I’m a fool for you
Your work commands swoons and sighs,
They say you’re a poet; well, so am I
In fact I am a writer of great love and grandiose heights
But I have no words, rhythm, or rhyme
To compare to those hazel eyes

Inside them, I am lost
A boy at the bottom of a deep, dark well
To find me you may need a criminal’s mind
But Matthew, you have the key to this cell


Bianca Scarlato

Hair like silk
Skin like milk
Tall like a tree
Jaw line is key
Eyes I get lost in
Your beauty’s exhaustin’
I love you, Matty Gray
Please be my bae


Vanessa Cesario

Fair Spencer Reid
It is with you that my heart is freed.
Scientific and and clever
Won’t you be mine forever?
Ok, maybe that was a bit forward to say…
But I just really want you to be my bae 🙁
Hair so lush, IQ so high
Whaddaya say, will u be my guy??????


Rosanna Peng

Matthew Gray Gubler,
Can we grab coffee?
I might blush sitting in front of such beady-eyed talent,
But I’ll pull it together long enough to ask you about all your art inspirations in and out of this planet.

Matthew Gray Gubler,
Can we go on a bike ride?
I might get awkward when we’re stopped at a light,
But I’ll play it cool and ask you which part of film-making brings you the most delight.

Matthew Gray Gubler,
Can we collaborate on a video project?
I might stutter my words when explaining my idea,
But I think you’ll like it. It’ll be about the identity crisis of three-legged dog named maria.

Matthew Gray Gubler,
I’m going to cut to the chase…
Can you move to Toronto?
You’re the film school boy of my dreams…I just might be supa shy though.


Daniella Beca

I saw this photo of you in a fedora
You looked fedorable.
I feel like you’d give great hugs, and secretly own a sweater covered in pugs.
You’re rare, because your wink isn’t creepy
You voiced a Scooby Doo villain, and I look kinda like Velma
So it’s meant to be.
I feel like we’d adopt 10 cats one day, we could be potential cat-bae’s
I must admit, I do get nightmares watching Criminal Minds
But I’m willing to sacrifice sleep because you’re just so fine.
Who needs sleep? There’s Coffee for that
(and I like you a Latte)
You’re the type of guy to get a haircut, and still look cute.
Okay this is starting to sound a bit odd, I hope this poem doesn’t result in a lawsuit.


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