April 7, 2016

Five Apps You Didn’t Know You Needed


In 2016, spring cleaning isn’t just for your home anymore. You’ve got people to unfollow, friends to delete and space to free up on your phone. And much like your closet, once your digital spring cleaning is done you’re going to want to fill your phone back up with new and fresh items.

We researched five apps that will not only help fill the space in your newly cleaned phone, but will help make your life a whole lot easier!

1. Stop, Breathe & Think
The name pretty much says it all. Download this meditation app if you want to allow yourself some time in your day to…stop, breathe and think. It starts by asking you how you’re feeling, and suggests pre-recorded meditations based on your current state of mind.



2. TripIt
Do you live that ~jet-set~ lifestyle? TripIt will be your travel BAF (best app forever). It keeps all of your travel plans in one spot- from flights and car rentals to hotels and directions- and will alert you of any schedule changes.



3. Find. Eat. Drink. 
FOODIES (that’s us, is it you too?) we have found the Holy Grail of food apps. Curated by the world’s top chefs, bartenders and sommeliers- every restaurant, bar, coffee spot, food shop and market on this app comes with the endorsement from an industry pro. It features 5,000 places in more than 200 cities and towns in the US, Canada, Europe, Mexico and the Caribbean. AND IT WORKS OFFLINE.

find eat drink


4. Clue
Miss Scarlett, with a rope, in the bathroom- however and wherever your period decides to show up, Clue will be there to help guide you through. This period tracker app lets you enter how heavy your flow is, your mood (…pms or nah?), your pain, when you have sex etc. and will send you a push notification 2-days before your next cycle should start!



5. Companion

This app is for all the ~city girls~ out there. We all know the streets can be quite a scary place- especially when you’re walking them alone late at night. Companion makes sure that you’ll never have to walk home alone again! The app connects you to your ‘companion’ (who also must have the app) and allows them to track your walk home. You can even alert them if you feel nervous and hit the emergency button if need be.


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