July 15, 2016

Five Female Gamers To Binge Watch On YouTube


Contrary to popular belief, video games are not just for boys (but you knew that). Maybe it’s because we’re used to battling the patriarchy in real life, but girls can in fact hold their own in the video game world by kicking butt and keeping up with the boys (or in some cases leaving them in the dust).

In recent years, girls have come forward with some seriously upsetting stories of experiencing sexism and harassment within the gaming community, but these badass gals aren’t ones to back down. Here are five fearless female gamers who are literally killing the game.


Justine has a number of channels on YouTube, including a wildly popular gaming channel with over 600k subscribers! She plays a wide array of games including Mario Kart 8, Grand Theft Auto, Minecraft and Call of Duty.

OUR PICK: Mario Kart is so fun to play and still equally fun to watch, her commentary is basically all of us with musical references and hilariously stressful reactions.



This British gamer with over 2m followers focuses mainly on her pastel Minecraft adventures, but also dabbles in kawaii iPhone app games and other crazy series.

OUR PICK: Her Minecraft VS. episodes with her boyfriend Joel are super fun to watch, the pair race to complete different challenges and features a duel commentary!



Tiffany, aka Cupquake, is a super popular YouTuber that has expanded her geeky girl channel in a ton of different directions. Along with her gaming videos  you can also find baking videos, animated shorts and more!

OUR PICK: Cupquake is known for playing more lighthearted games but this series of her trying out Five Nights at Freddys 4 is scary good.



There is something so interesting and strangely captivating about following a sims life, and This Australian YouTuber makes it EXTRA addicting by testing out new expansion packs and incorporating challenges on the regular.

OUR PICK: Deiligracy is insanely talented at building our dream houses on Sims, if you’re not into hour long videos of sim life, we recommend these jaw dropping home building videos, seriously we want to live here when we grow up.



You won’t necessarily find gaming videos on this Much Digital Creator’s channel, but Geekin’ Gorgeous (aka Karli!) is your go-to spot for insight on comics, zombies and cosplay coolness!

OUR PICK: If you are new to the Cosplay World, this cosplay 101 video is a great place to start. We also recommend checking out Karli’s costume and makeup tutorials if you’re looking to get into this hobby!

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