April 26, 2016

5 Gigi-Approved Fashion Staples This Season


STOP EVERYTHING YOU’RE DOING – Gigi Hadid is hosting the 2016 iHeartRadio MMVAs *swoon*. After she ~slayed~ the red carpet last year in her PVC #HADID moto jacket and owned the stage as a guest presenter, she’s the obvious choice for the GIG(i) (we couldn’t help ourselves).

We thought this big announcement called for an analysis of Gigi’s current outfits – check out this season’s trends that have gotten Gigi’s stamp of approval.

Gigi has been anything but subtle about her love for chokers, and we’re completely okay with that. If you haven’t already hopped on the bandwagon, we highly suggest you do now.


[Black Choker, $45] [Pink Choker, £24.00] [Gold Choker, £28.50]


Gigi’s superpower (other than modeling of course) is making simple outfits look amazing. Add a long vest to your wardrobe to tie together your spring and summer outfits to avoid sweating in sleeves (ew).


[Black Vest, $91] [White vest, $88] [Orange Vest, $79]


Gigi is proof that you can give any outfit a going-out vibe with a pair of ~sexy~ strappy heels. BRB, we’re going to stock our closets so we can wear mom jeans anywhere.

strappy heels

[Black Heel, $160] [Pink Heel, $129] [Biege Heel, $224.99]


In love with Gigi’s insane amount of rip in these jeans? We are too. These boyfriend distressed One Teaspoon jeans are to *die* for. Afraid you can’t pull it off? No worries, check out some of these other styles to stay on trend with G.


[Boyfriend Distressed, $150] [Short Distressed, $148] [Skinny Distressed, $98]


Luckily, Gigi seemed to snag a pair of Rihanna’s Fenty Puma Sneakers before they sold out. But, if you’re like us and didn’t get your hands on a pair, fear not – Adidas sells their similar tubular design in red. If red’s not your thing, make sure to grab a pair of these blue Nike’s that stole our hearts.


[Coral Sneaker, $65] [Red Sneaker, $130] [Blue Sneaker, $160]

You can find us patiently waiting at our Instagram feeds waiting to see what Gigi wears next – and more importantly what she’ll be wearing at the iHeartRadio MMVAs. Don’t forget to tune in on Sunday, June 19 to obsess with us!

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