March 8, 2016

5 Ways To Be A Better Woman This International Women’s Day


Happy International Women’s Day! At FORA, we like to believe that every day is IWD. Either way, we’re taking the time today to help our fellow sisters become better women, allies and WARRIORS.

1. Don’t Be Threatened By Other Women’s Success
Or their beauty. Appreciate how beautiful other women are without questioning your own. Another woman’s success is not your failure. Acknowledge that we’re on the same team. Her success is your success. Respect the hustle and be inspired by it too.



2. Consume/Seek Out/Support Content Made By Other Women
Learn more about successful females in the industry you work (or want to work) in. Watch movies directed by women. Read stories about women that are told by women. Support female entrepreneurs by shopping local. Most of us understand the struggle of our talents and hard work being undermined simply because we were born into penis-less bodies, so encourage female professionals and creatives any way you can.



3. Stop Indulging In Girl Hate
This is a tough one to tackle since it’s definitely something most (probably all) girls are guilty of doing. In a digital age where it’s dangerously simple to lurk girls you hated in high school, your ex’s new significant other and that Instagram famous model you can’t stand, it’s not rare to find yourself deep (we’re talking 128w-old photos deep) in a vortex of hate-lurking. Unfollow people who only brood negative feelings within you.



4. Stop Pitting Women Against Other Women
In the same vein, don’t pit woman against woman. It’s not necessary to point out Zendaya is a great female role-model by tearing down Kim Kardashian for being a bad one. (For the record, she’s not. She’s a successful businesswoman, a brand and is completely unapologetic about loving herself—but that is besides the point). Stop making fun of other girls’ eyeliner even if it’s not perfect. Don’t like memes that perpetuate ideas that this “type” of girl is better than that “type” of girl. Realize that when a  boy tells you “You’re not like other girls” it’s not a compliment.



5. Be Kind To The Women Around You
This is the most important one. If you’re only going to try to do one of these things, let it be this one. While it’s easy to support cute, Instagrammable, and retweetable versions of feminism, it’s much harder—and ultimately more meaningful—to practice feminism in our actual, real, in-person-and-not-online lives. Don’t only be a feminist when it’s easy to be one. Support the women in your life, actively look for ways to compliment and uplift your female friends. Stand up against girl hate and don’t be afraid to speak out! Chances are, another sister will be there to have your back. That’s just how girl power works.


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