July 28, 2014

Flower Beards: A Softer Side To Masculinity

The imagery the word beard conjures is rough, coarse, and rugged. But what happens when you stick flowers into that beard? You have a visually appealing concept that challenges current notions of masculinity – it is the softer side – filled with roses, daisies, leaves, and vines (literally). Who would have thought that facial hair and flowers would fit so seamlessly? Well, these artists did:



Header images:


Fabien Verriest


Fabien Verriest is a Menswear designer from Belgium who premiered his collection (of flower beards) in 2013. This is the first image I saw of a flower beard and isn’t it amazing? This model’s beard looks as if the foliage sprung from his hair follicles and transformed into a beautiful, well-kept garden.


Sarah Winward


When you type “flower beard” into Google, an impressive array of photos pop-up of David. He is the husband of Sarah Winward, a floral designer and blogger, who requested to do a photo series of the flower beards before he trimmed his facial hair off. We are glad he did because now we can satisfy our love of beards and floral in one place.


Manuscript Magazine


This “Blue Beards” editorial for Manuscript Magazine was shot by Kylie Coutts and styled by Jolyon Mason. This concept takes the floral beard to a statuesque level by painting his hair white to make it seem as if he were the centre piece at a garden party. Let’s take the time to bask in all of its beard glory.



A Bill Murray flower beard for posterity:


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