May 26, 2016

FORA-1-1: Everything You Need To Know About Skin Dehydration

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Blame it on the stress, but it seems that after first year university your baby soft skin is diminished into a graveyard of dry skin and endless stress acne – but the one thing that becomes more noticeable than anything are those fine lines and dry patches that don’t go away with regular moisturizers.

Is it possible that in a gruelling 8-months, our skin has already aged so much that we have wrinkles? Don’t worry (yet), odds are, your skin is just severely dehydrated because you were too broke to buy water bottles and too scared to drink your dorm water.

We decided to break down what exactly is happening to your skin, why it’s happening and how you can fix it. Click through to get the FORA-1-1 on dehydrated skin.

We understand that you’re not down to spend hundreds on skin care products, because we used to be like that too. But TRUST US, if there is *one thing* you should be investing in, it’s your skin care products! Let’s remember that your skin is not only an ORGAN, but it’s also the thing you notice most and can totally make or break your self esteem.

What is skin dehydration?


If you’ve been closely examining your skin in a magnifying mirror every morning and wondering how those thin, tight wrinkles on your skin got there, we’ll let you in on a little secret. You’re dehydrated – and now your skin is, too.

It’s important to know that your skin isn’t just dry – it’s actually lacking hydration that cannot come from a daily moisturizer. The difference is this: DRY skin is from a lack of oils in your skin, while DEHYDRATED skin comes from having little to no moisture in “Stratum Corneum” cells, but still has normal amounts of oil. According to Dermalogica, these cells should be 10% water, and anything less is often considered dehydrated.

Why is it dehydrated?


Another symptom of dehydrated skin is that it is flaky and appears to be dry – but wait, your skin is oily too? And you’re breaking out? What is going on! It could be any number of things – from harsh products you’re using, not drinking enough water, sun exposure or even what you’re eating… but if you want to pinpoint exactly what is causing it, you’ll have to see a dermatologist.

How to fix it:


  1. 1. DRINK MORE WATER. If you really want to see fast improvements, drink 8 or more glasses a day and watch your skin *magically* repair all those fine lines you’ve been fretting over.
  2. Use serums and toners. We’ve been skeptical of these weirdly-worded beauty products in the past, too, but don’t be afraid – they’re calming and nourishing – and reach beyond the first layer of skin (unlike moisturizers) and get into those cells that are lacking hydration.
  3. Use a gentle cleanser (preferably without salicylic acid!) that doesn’t strip the skin of moisture.
  4. When looking for products for dehydrated skin, look for these key ingredients: Sodium PCA, Glycerin, Heavy Water, Aloe Vera, & Hyaluronic Acid.
  5. Seriously – see a dermatologistOnce they can identify what is going on with your skin, you can do your research and find the products that are best for you.

Home Remedies:


  1. 1. Your 8 glasses of water doesn’t have to be strictly water – try consuming herbal teas or an aloe vera drink supplement that help to add moisture to the skin and reduces signs of aging.
  2. Take shorter showers and try turning down the temp – even though it makes sense that standing under water would add water to your skin, it’s quite the opposite. We love hot water pouring on our skin as much as you, but it is so dehydrating and damaging for our skin. Get in and get out – and then moisturize right away to trap the moisture into your skin.
  3. If you’re into making face masks yourself, check our our DIY face masks (they are the best!).

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