June 18, 2015



“When was the last time you did something for the first time?”
-Aubrey “Drake” Graham

It’s no secret that we’re suckers for a good indie rock band, so when we heard that Montreal’s own TOPS were performing at Bestival this past weekend we knew they’d be at the TOP of our list of artists to see.

We were lucky enough to catch up with Jane and David after their set on Saturday, and decided to ask them a few of their personal FIRSTS. Check out the interview below, their answers can’t be TOPped.  


first_stuffed animalJane: Velvet the bear. A black soft bear named Velvet

David: I had a Zeddy (like the bear mascot of Zellers). I also had a squirrel called Squirrel Nutkin- which is not the best name. A floppy dog called Wiley Burp- which is the the name of a cartoon that was a dog from Fievel Goes West, and then also a frog called Froggy which is the most unoriginal name.


Jane: It was a girl I met from my hometown who was going to the same University as me…it was… interesting. I’ll leave it there.
David: My brother. I shared a room with him growing up and then my sister when we got older.


first_bday gift

Jane: That’s tricky. My birthday’s on New Year’s Eve so a lot of the time I would get combo presents.
David: Lots of drinks, that’s the last I remember. I could ask my Mom, she’s right there…I can’t remember any.


Jane: The Edmonton Folk Festival… it’s a family affair in Edmonton

David: Mine’s the same- but just to mix it up, besides the Folk Festival it was Sasquatch Music Festival

Jane: Wait…didn’t you go to a Vans Warped Tour before that? I feel like you did.

David: Maybe I did…there was also one called Edgefest way back in the day… I saw Smashing Pumpkins and Foo Fighters there.

FIRST ROAD TRIPfirst_roadtrip

Jane: My first road trip would have been a tour. The first trip I went on I was 16 and I went to San Francisco with a friend. I have no idea how they let us get on a plane but that was amazing.

David: When I was 17 I went with my older brother’s band to Lloydminster, which is on the border of Alberta and Saskatchewan, for a show and then we came back that night. That was the first road trip sans parents, but I’m in cars driving all over the place now.


Jane: Ooooh…. I feel like my first time rebelling might have been smoking weed at the Edmonton Folk Festival, which is funny because I ran into my mom after and she started quoting the grateful dead to me. She totally could tell. So that was nice.

I wasn’t the worst kid. When I was in elementary school I would beat people up sometimes, like in the playground. I was the kind of girl who would go up to the bully if he was teasing somebody even though he was twice my size and be like HEY MAN NOT COOL and go for him,  and then I’d get socked in the face and have to go to the principal’s office
David: I’m gonna go ask my mom…..

I got the answer-  I was four years old and my stepdad Dave was trying to put me in the tub and it was too hot, and I was like “It’s too hot!” and he said “No it’s not” and he put me in and I said “you’re a fucking asshole!” I don’t where I would have learned that language.


Jane: The entire Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band album because it was colourful,  so me and my sister would listen to it constantly.

David: In Bloom, Nirvana–  that was definitely a song I knew all the words to at some point. But it definitely could have been a song by the Beatles.


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