April 1, 2015

FORA Mask Force: Maria x Honey

hair1Here comes honey boo boo ya’ll! Well, the Mask Force version. We have added another installment into the nest of our homemade hair masks- this time hitting up the ol’ bee hive in the backyard (or grocery store) and trying out HONEY . Check out what the honey did to my hair!

What To Expect, Honey?
I’m that girl that hates the winter because my hair turns black and my face turns pale, and not the “I’m a model and mysteriously chic” type, but more like the “your face is unnecessarily dry and your hair isn’t helping” type . So, to help with my winter darks, and to lighten my hair NATURALLY (since I’ve never dyed it before), the handy-dandy internet told me to put honey in my hair.

The Recipehair5


Here’s what you need:

•1 cup water
•2 tbsp of Naturally Pure Honey (I used 4 tbsp to make it a honey mask instead of a dirty water mask)
•Hair tie/shower cap

TIP: You might have to double the recipe depending on your hair thickness and length. I have long  hair and lots of it, so the one cup and four tablespoons was just enough for half of my hair.

Alternative: I tried two different ways–one side I mixed the honey and water before putting in on my hair, and the other side I put pure honey straight on to my damp hair. Same result.

The Process

First, I would recommend you wear an old shirt or a towel dress (yes, I own one). Start gathering all your supplies. Fill up your measuring cup with COOL water. Get your tablespoon and start pouring some honey! The recipe I used told me to put two tablespoons, but I didn’t think it was enough so I used four! I stirred the honey until the liquid felt less viscous.

*If you’re putting the honey straight into your hair, all you need is the honey and your hand. Make sure you rinse your hair before and then start spreading dat honey evenly all over your whole head! Warning: IT GETS STICKY. DON’T WEAR RINGS.hair3


Now, it’s time to call up your Mama or maybe you can just do it yourself–I wasn’t that skillful. Note: this part of the process is when that towel dress was very handy.  Start pouring the honey-water you just created on to your hair, make sure you soak your whole head with it. I would recommend kneeling and putting your head over your bathtub and then pouring; if you are doing it by yourself. If you run out of water, just make some more! The 1 cup was just enough for one side of my head.hair2


After your hair is soaked put you hair in a bun or put on a shower cap QUICK before you start dripping all over the bathroom floor and get into a sticky situation with Mom.

As soon as you have your shower cap on, just relax for however long you can handle, anywhere from 60 minutes to overnight. I just left it as long as two episodes of Grey’s Anatomy making my time 90-minutes.

*I kept both the straight honey and the honey water for the same duration.hair4


After waiting my 90 minutes I hopped into the shower and rinsed my hair. While I was rinsing my hair I could see the water changing colours. I’d recommend just putting your hair through the tap, instead of having a full shower, just so you don’t get your whole body all icky.

Right after my shower my hair felt soft but heavy, that could have been because I didn’t use conditioner. That being said, you should use conditioner right after you rinse the honey out.

The Resultshair6


Ease of Prep: 10
The main ingredient in this homemade hair mask is honey and that’s all you really need. No extreme chemicals or Bill Nye the Science Guy inventions needed. Easy Bee-zy!

Mess Factor: 9
My only concern when doing this was getting drops of honey on the bathroom floor because it would have been super  sticky. So just BEE wary of that or put a towel on the floor.

Worth vs Wait: 5
I only did the mask for 90 minutes and it did seem to lighten my hair A LITTLE BIT, so I believe if I  left it overnight it would’ve definitely worked more effectively. The longer you leave it the lighter your hair will get! Note: Results will vary depending of your hair colour.

In the summer I use lemon/lime in my hair and then go out in the sunlight to make my hair lighter, but obviously, if I did that now my hair would just freeze. Ain’t nobody got time for that, so this honey natural lightening treatment is def worth doing during the winter months while waiting patiently for the summer rays. Uh Huh Honey!

Good luck, my dark haired sistas!

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