January 28, 2016

FORA Staff’s Barbie Spirit Animals


Life in plastic is finally fantastic! The new Barbie Fashionista line is full of dolls we’d actually want to go party with. Now the Barbie world is complete with curvy, tall and petite dolls that every girl wants in her dream house.

The FORA squad had no problem finding their own Barbie spirit animal. Scroll through and read all about the dolls that best represent us.


ALEXIA, Rock ‘N’ Roll Plaid

“I chose doll 31 to represent me. I’ve never seen a doll known as petite before so she’s just like me (I may be small, but I can be scrappy! – I’m kidding). She also has blonde hair and brown eyes, so I feel like she’s my twin. This Barbie also carries the same rock n’ roll attitude as I do. I’m a huge metal head and have been a rock lover since I was a small child. Known as “rock n’ roll plaid,” this blonde mini-me even has the same pink spiked bracelet I have, but mine’s in silver. These dolls are too cute.”




KELSEY, Leather & Ruffles

“This Barbie definitely speaks to me on a personal level. I’ve always been quite a bit taller than my friends, so growing up I always felt like I was towering over everyone. I never wear heels because I am so tall and lanky, so it’s refreshing to see representation for the #TallbutSmall girls! This barbie’s style is called “Leather & Ruffles,” which describes my style to a T. I’m super into the rock scene, whether it’s the music or the style, but I also enjoy cute poofy dresses and skirts, so this is perfect.”




KATIE, Sweetheart Stripes

“Sweetheart Stripes is like my Barbie spirit animal. She understands the struggles of being a white girl with big booty problems and that a full hourglass figure is where it’s at. I’m also jealous of her bold hair choice since I never have the confidence to die my hair a crazy colour (it reminds me of Kylie’s mint hair). Her striped peplum top is super-cute and I also used to own a pair of purple sunglasses so I totally relate to her style choice. She looks like a bold Barbie who’s confident in everything she has to offer…you go girl!”





“Va-Va-Violet is the doll for me! It’s not because she looks like me, or has the same style, it’s because she looks like a girl I would want to know. Violet is the girl I want to be BFFs with. It looks like this doll was designed to represent a girl that’s brave, and unapologetic about being herself. She’s feminine, but still possesses an edge that gives her the confidence to rock out and go home happy.” *orders doll while writing post*




HILARY, Peace & Love 

“As an average-height, blonde haired, blue eyed, white girl, I never really had issues identifying with Barbie (except with her big boobs and perfectly pointed toes of course). So the flat chested and flat footed female I am today was thrilled to see this doll in the mix. Her little boobs look so much cuter in her outfits, kinda like mine! And those black flatforms would totally go with everything in my wardrobe. Also, ~Peace & Love~ mantra forever.”




LYDIA, Ice Cream Romper

“This doll is literally me in plastic form. She was my first choice solely based on the fact we have identical hair. We both spend our days flipping long deep red locks, I wonder if she has as hard of a time maintaining it as I do. Her ice cream romper is adorable, I feel like she totally understands my constant struggle to look cute but stay comfy. Don’t even get me started on those sneaker heels…I think she took those out of my closet actually.”




CELINA, White & Pink Pizzazz

“I chose the White & Pink Pizzazz Barbie because looks like she has her shit together. Her midi skirt and houndstooth top scream Girl Boss. I want to be her because she probably pays her credit card bill on time and eats five to seven servings of vegetables a day. But her bold neon shoes and necklace definitely give me the impression that she’s not shy at all—she probably does a killer rendition of The Weather Girls’ “It’s Raining Men” come karaoke weekend.”


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