July 11, 2016

FORA x FERIA: Dance Proof Hairstyles


When it comes down to it, festivals are really just one giant dance party under the sun for 3-days straight. And what’s the main component of a dance party? Looking awkward in the corner DANCING, obvs!

We teamed up with Much Digital Creator Mila Victoria and hairstylist Ania Wazny  to bring you some festival-ready dance proof hairstyles for whatever Féria by L’Oréal Paris Smokey Pastel colour you prefer!

Scroll through for a pastel-toned lookbook full of dance proof hairstyles that will keep your hips twirling and head shaking all festival long!


Prep the hair with a light hold hair spray and work in small 1 inch sections. Wrap each sections around a 1.5 inch curling wand, wrap sections in alternating directions to create a more tousled look. Using bobby pins gently pin back both sides of the the hair leaving the bottoms out. Finish your look with some floral hair pieces for a true festival look. 



Prepare hair by distributing a strong hold gel from roots to ends (lots of gel!). Begin on the side where your part is the heaviest by combing your hair into a ‘C’ formation, hold your comb firmly at the base of your ‘C’, while placing a second come parallel to the first. Slide the first comb to the right while you slide the bottom comb to the left, This will create a ridge for your finger wave. Secure the ridge with a duckbill clip and continue moving downwards until you have waved all the hair. Repeat this on the other side of your head. let hair dry completely before removing clips.



Create a loose texture by using a 2 inch curling iron and lightly curling the hair. Create two dutch braids on each side of the head and clip them at the centre-back of the head. Separate another section on each side of the head and create a small fishtail braid on each side. Pin both braids to the centre back of the head with the first two dutch braids


Photos by: Max Kopanygin
Hair by: Ania Wazny

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