December 22, 2014

Clean & Clear presents #FORAFORAVER: Best of Liz B00ty (Beauty)

Over the years we’ve grown to be pretty infatuated with Liz’s face. Dozens of lipstick colours? Handfuls of snacks? No matter the sitch, we’ve been able to have fun with Liz’s face. However, before we get to the nitty gritty beauty bitty, S/Os to our pals over at Clean & Clear who have supported our love of all things wacky and all things Liz! 



Becoming FKA Liz 101


We are obsessed with FKA Twigs and we are obsessed with FKA Liz. Can we just take a moment to talk about how hardcore she looks with those braids???



30 Shades of Lips

Liz literally donned 30 different shades of lipstick in a span of 4 hours: and luckily for everyone involved, she rocked every single one of them.

…We also made her consume lots of candy, so Liz, if you’re out there: we’re waiting for you to send us your dentist bill lol.



NYE Beauty: 3 Countdown-Ready Looks


A new year is approaching, and just like last year, Liz has prepared us for it.

We be all night, ****sparkling**** with #FLAWLESS skin (thx Clean & Clear).




Sweet Treats and Marvelous Feats


This shoot was the most fun to do – not just because there was a lot of T.Swift playin’ in the background (FYI) – but because of the yummy snacks we got to eat (and throw).

Liz: Send us your dentist bill, pt. 2.



The Best Things in the World: Prom Nails and Pizza


You had me at pizza…and prom nails. We’re obsessed with nail designs, pRAM, Essie, (and Liz). So it’s a no-brainer as to why this made the cut!




How to be Betty & Veronica with the MAC Archie’s Girls Makeup Collection


The Betty and Veronica MAC Collection was even more exciting than the Tamagotchi App for iPhones. FYI.



*Editor’s note*

Thank you for 5 years, Clean & Clear!

We’d like to take the time to thank Clean & Clear for the chance to follow our dreams (and follow our baes) for the past half a decade. It’s with one, gentle tear, that we bid them farewell as we head into 2015. Without them, FORA would not be possible (and our skin wouldn’t look this #flawless) – so FOR REALSIES: thank you.

Stay tuned for more #FORAFORAVER goodbyes (and general nostalgia as we reminisce on potentially da best year evaaaa).

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