March 21, 2016

FORASCOPES: Happy Birthday Aries!


It could be the great weather that has you feeling energetic and full of adventure, OR it could just be that trademark liveliness of an Aries! ~Happy Birthday Aries!~ You are the enthusiastic and well-witted adventurers of the world and we want to celebrate you!

Are you an Aries and want to see what this year has in store for you? Or you can’t quite figure out what to get your Aries BFF, click through for our ultimate 2016 Aries guide!


This may just be the year of love for you Aries! Your heart will be on fire for six straight months, with a couple of frogs to kiss along the way. I get it, it’s already March and no love! Well keep calm, because Prince Charming isn’t due to arrive until after the second lunar eclipse on September 16th. Until then, take charge of your health, mind and body. You tend to wear yourself out with commitments, but come August it’s time to relax, and your body will thank you for it. Up until now, 2016 hasn’t been easy for you, but there is light at the end of this tunnel. Think of it this way, the universe is wondering if it’s too late to say sorry. By years end, as Saturn trines Uranus for major positive changes, it will be a VERY Merry Christmas for you!

Soulmate: Gemini | Best date days: Tuesdays | Lucky Numbers: 3, 10, & 20



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By: Courtney Hall 

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