July 26, 2016

FORASCOPES: Happy Birthday Leo!


*~Happy Birthday Leo~* your love of luxury and quality calls for a bottle of Dom Pérignon! It’s time to celebrate you Leo, the open minded, bold, and natural ring leader that you are. So grab that champagne flute and take a sip while we tell you what awaits in 2016!

Are you a Leo yourself? Or you can’t quite figure out what to get your Leo bestie? Click through for our ultimate 2016 Leo guide!

Sure you’re a fire sign Leo, but your spark has been dull since spring when Mars went into retrograde. The universe knows that you hate being ignored so expect to be the centre of attention come September! 2016 is a career year for you so don’t be disappointed when romance takes a “back seat” (and we’re not talking about the back seat of a car)! Communication will come easy this summer with Venus and Mercury in your first house, use it as an opportunity to get ahead and have fun doing it. People love the generous, passionate, and creative traits of a Leo, don’t let your arrogant and stubborn nature get in the way of future accomplishments. Mo money mo problems? More like, no money mo problems. Keep your spending to a minimum this year, your need for luxury can wait until your hard work pays off in the form of a raise or bonus at years end.

Soulmate: Aquarius | Best Date Days: Sunday | Lucky Numbers: 1, 4, 10 & 22


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By: Courtney Hall

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