August 22, 2016

FORASCOPES: The Quirky Side Of Your Zodiac Sign


We all know the good and the bad of our zodiac sign, but when do we really get to know what makes us unique? Shut down all the naysayers who think Zodiac is “too broad” with these ~very~ specific quirks that even the most logical sign will relate to.

Personality Traits That Make Them Unique: Daredevil, vibrant, adventurous and pioneering.
Weird Gifts They’ll Love: Known as the sign of the self for being natural leaders with strong personalities, Aries would love a gift that shows just how thrilling they are–but surprises are what they’ll love best. Think tickets to their favourite sport or a how-to book of whatever new interest they’re into that month, but remember after the month is over, they’ll probably have something new on their mind.
Uncommon Hobbies: Anything that involves being active, including jostling, horseback riding and collecting clothing emblazoned with their favourite team.

Personality Traits That Make Them Unique: Tranquil, tenacious, frugal and headstrong.
Weird Gifts They’ll Love: There is nothing Taurus’ love more than comfort and luxury, so keep this in mind as you scour the stores for them—and they expect you to scour because they’ll know if you threw something together at the last minute. Freshly baked cookies, a snuggie, or something to add to their most prized collection.
Uncommon Hobbies: Taurus aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty and love natural activities like gardening, but they also enjoy the finer things in life like collecting antiques or going to Operas.

Personality Traits That Make Them Unique: Dual-natured, youthful, versatile and expressive.
Weird Gifts They’ll Love: You’re in luck because Gemini’s versatile nature means they love just about anything. If you really want to ~wow~ them, a subscription to their favourite magazine, travel guide books and a day planner to keep them organized would be very appreciated.
Uncommon Hobbies: Their curiosity makes them natural investigators, so mystery novels are high on their list of favourites. Don’t be surprised if your Gemini friend has a vlog and blog about their life because they love to communicate with others.

Personality Traits That Make Them Unique: Sharp-witted, consoling, philosophical and imaginative.
Weird Gifts They’ll Love: Cancers just want to see something from the heart with their gifts, as they are very sentimental and likely to keep it forever. A poem that talks about your feelings, a handmade quilt or a scrapbook of your memories with them will go a long way.
Uncommon Hobbies: Being homebodies, they love anything that makes their d├ęcor even prettier so any DIY activity is at the top of their mind. Being sentimental, don’t be surprised by their love of collecting old family photos and having an extensive photo gallery.

Personality Traits That Make Them Unique: Lavish, broad-minded, grandiose and opinionated.
Weird Gifts They’ll Love: Leos love anything flashy that attracts other people attention, but isn’t too common. Think mouth grillz, red ruby jewellery with their name engraved on it or gourmet cheeses to appeal to their love of fine foods.
Uncommon Hobbies: Anything extravagant and noisy appeals to Leos. Instead of playing the piano, they rather play the organ or a 12-string guitar. Leos love music, so memorabilia of the many concerts they’ve been to wouldn’t be unexpected.

Personality Traits That Make Them Unique: Perfectionist, modest, analytical and flowery.
Weird Gifts They’ll Love: Anything homemade like a knitted scarf, a mason jar pencil holder or personalized bookmarks are perfect for Virgo because they’ll be flattered you put effort into making them happy!
Uncommon Hobbies: They love history, so you may find a collection of historical literature in their collection. Always craving mental stimuli, don’t be surprised to see them working on Sudoku, puzzles or something similar.

Personality Traits That Make Them Unique: Diplomatic, peace-loving, flirtatious and sophisticated.
Weird Gifts They’ll Love: Libras are ruled by Venus, which is expressed by their love of everything beautiful and expensive. A custom made phone case, elegant candlesticks or gourmet coffee would connect to their love of lavish.
Uncommon Hobbies: A beauty or fashion blog would be a likely venture for Libras who love beauty. A collection of iconic perfumes and Egyptian cotton sheets are likely to be in a Libra’s home.

Personality Traits That Make Them Unique: Magnetic, amorous, strong-willed and mysterious.
Weird Gifts They’ll Love: Scorpios prefer to open gifts by themselves to relish in the experience, so it’s hard to know if they truly like your gift. Complex puzzles, large sunglasses to hide their mysterious face and tarot cards are likely to go far.
Uncommon Hobbies: Being lovers of mystery and the darker side of life, they are likely to collect horror movies or novels and esoteric items like crystal balls, pendulums and medicinal herbs.

Personality Traits That Make Them Unique: Optimistic, jovial, straightforward and outspoken.
Weird Gifts They’ll Love: Sagittarius love travelling and learning new things. A plane ticket to anywhere in the world or a book about a another country would interest them greatly.
Uncommon Hobbies: Because they love being active and exploring, Sagittarius are likely to love off-roading, hiking and collecting items from around the world.

Personality Traits That Make Them Unique: Grounded, far-sighted, disciplined and melancholy.
Weird Gifts They’ll Love: Capricorns have a great memory. Anything to allows them to capture memories in a physical form like a journal or camera would be perfect, but don’t surprise them. Capricorns despise surprises, so they’d prefer to know if you’re planning on giving them a gift. That’s a gift in itself.
Uncommon Hobbies: Being very practical and traditional, you won’t be surprised to find many Capricorns are great at chess and golf because of their ability to implement tunnel vision and look ten steps ahead.

Personality Traits That Make Them Unique: Humanitarian, reserved, whimsical and deviant.
Weird Gifts They’ll Love: Aquarius have a strange, but great sense of humour, so gag gifts will go over well with them. If you want something more heartfelt, they love anything unusual like an unique piece of art, a gift certificate to a float pod or a guide to star formations.
Uncommon Hobbies: Aquarius eclectic brain is likely to have many hobbies like astronomy, technology and collecting ancient artifacts.

Personality Traits That Make Them Unique: Mystical, visionary, receptive and empathetic.
Weird Gifts They’ll Love: Being the dreamers of the Zodiac, a book about lucid dreaming and utopian futures will likely be received well. They also love memories. A collage including a picture of your first date or the first concert you experienced with them will ignite the fire of feels.
Uncommon Hobbies: They love anything related to water, so expect an aquarium somewhere in their house. Collecting healing, essential oils to burn in their diffuser is one of their favourite ways to wind down.

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