June 5, 2015

FRESH MEET: The Katherines


From a city that’s given us Ryan Reynolds, Herschel Bags and the JAPADOG comes a trio of talented young ladies that are sure to hold a coveted spot on your iPod in the near future.

The Katherines, a two-sister + best friend ensemble, are the latest addition to Vancouver’s music scene. They recently released their very first single Cherry Lips , and FORA’s got the exclusive premiere of the video here! We also had a chance to chat with the girls about fashion, growing up and cherry flavoured items in a Q&A below.

Watch the girls navigate love, heartbreak and the mean streets of Vancouver in the Cherry Lips video. Read our Q&A with the band below!

Kate Kurdyak, Lauren Kurdyak, Kaitlyn Hansen-Boucher



KKThat would probably be me. I’m definitely the annoying organizer person.

KHBI think each of us have some “older sister” traits. Probably because we’re all an older sister to someone. But ironically, I think Lauren is the older sister of the group despite her being the youngest. She’s definitely the most mature of the three of us. She is reliable and a perfectionist. She knows her right from wrong and will try her best to steer Kate and I in the right direction.

LKI’d have to say Kate. Kate coordinates the project and tends to be the one who organizes everything. She was also the first of us with a driver’s license so that was a bit of freedom for all of us-having some wheels.


KKThere was a lot of classical music in my childhood. Kaitlyn and I actually carpooled to choir together for years. I always knew I loved music but I didn’t fully realize how much I loved singing until I starting performing as a singer/songwriter in high school.

KHBI was always surrounded by music. My mother always played the piano, my father played the guitar. My aunts and uncles were accomplished classical and jazz musicians and I grew up going to my grandfather’s choir recitals. My mom tells me I just sang everything as a child. All I ever wanted to do was put on shows for everyone and sing and dance around.

LKMy mom took me to “Baby Music” at six months old and I kind of kept going from there. My grandmother is a music teacher and a choral conductor of children’s choirs and she did a lot of music stuff with us when we were growing up. I started playing the piano around age 4 and a few years later joined a children’s choir. Currently I’m studying voice at the VSO School of Music and I’m working on prepping for my grade 10 RCM exam in piano.


KKWhen Lauren and I were little, our grandma used to babysit us every Monday and she was a music teacher. She’d always bring music tapes so she could show us her favourite musical theatre and opera pieces. My first memories of singing are of singing along with her to those tapes and to her playing the piano.

KHBI think it was singing at circle time at Orff when I was 2. I don’t think I even knew I was singing. I thought I was just talking pretty. My first memory of performing was a ballet dance recital when I was 4. That was the first time I was ever on a stage and I think I’ve just been trying to find ways to get back on ever since.

LKWe used to have these crazy “School of Rock” nights at our house where our parents would play ’70s music on an old turntable and we would push away the furniture and have a dance party. I think most of my early performing was dance –I did a lot of ballet, jazz, tap etc. when I was younger.



KKI’m always a classic red kind of girl. I like a lipstick colour that can do double duty as a blush, which is especially good when you’re on a student/musician budget.

KHBI have one lip colour that I own and it’s a brownish pinkish colour. I think it’s classic and timeless because it’s very natural.

LKCurrent fave is “Rouge Artist Natural #9, by Make Up For Ever


KKSweats 100%. Comfort is of optimum importance when travelling. I’m such a slob at heart.

KHBStyle goes out the window for me when I travel. It’s 100 per cent about comfort. I don’t think style is too important when you’re sitting in a chair for 5 or more hours. My go-to traveling outfit is some sweat pants/yoga pants with a t-shirt and fuzzy socks. If you’ve gotta look cute as soon as you get off the plane, then I’ll bring something in my carry-on and do a quick change in the washroom before landing.

LKLeggings, a sports bra and earbuds!


KKLips? Just kidding. But in that same vein I’d probably say cherry Chapstick.

KHBSour Cherry Blasters. (if real cherries are out of the question because they are the BEST)

LKCherry flavoured Jolly Ranchers (although honestly my go-to flavour is cinnamon –I have a cinnamon hearts addiction)



KKThe little black dress. Worked for Audrey Hepburn, still works today.

KHBGood jeans and a t-shirt.

LKConverse high tops, red lips






KKHmmm. Only three is hard. I’ve got to go with moisturizer, my perfume and a nice mascara.

KHBA good tinted moisturizer, concealer, and mascara.

LKLip liner, bronzer and mascara.


KKI love anything that’s a ’90s grunge revival, all of the ripped denim and plaid.

KHBThe ’70s revival

LKMan buns, boyfriend jeans and long waistcoats



Want to know even more about The Katherines? Check out their website, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube !

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