September 25, 2014

FYI: Andre 3000's Outfits

We’ve always known that Andre 3000 has unique style but he has upped the ante and sported some interesting pieces on his OutKast tour. OutKast reunited after a decade long hiatus beginning with this past Coachella Music Festival and ending at VooDoo Experience in New Orleans. Haven’t see his ‘fits? Google it RN. There has been some speculation behind the meaning behind them — Are they a social commentary? Allusions to the amount of money he’s slated to make from his reunion tour? Art or Fart?  This sparked our interest in looking back at Andre 3000’s style… Here are our fave ones…



Coachella Fringe


Andre wore this outfit at the 2004 Grammys. When I think of Coachella, images of weird beaded fringe and bare feet/boots with the fur pop up therefore, this outfit reminds me of Coachella. This look is also very Jimi Hendrix-esque and it is fitting that Andre played him in a biopic.


Platinum Wig Samurai


Andre wore this to the Kid’s Choice Awards in 2004… He will fight the h8ers with this massive braid and Tai Chi moves.



Southern Gentleman


I like this look on Andre. If I wanted to be courted by a gentleman the good ole fashion way,  way before texting and emojis, I would want him to look like this. He could ask my parents for their permission and take me to get a chocolate milkshake.



Art or Fart?


These are pretty funny actually. If he were to put out t-shirts, I would buy one (or find something similar on eBay). What WAT DOEZ IT MEAN?


Shake it, shake, shake it


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