July 22, 2014

FYI: Music Festival Makeup


It seems as though there is a different music festival going on every weekend, and we’re not complaining. Where else are you suppose to wear your most scandalous ensembles and ridiculously painful shoes without being scolded? When it comes to makeup, it is particularly difficult (at least for me) to incorporate risky trends into your daily routine – especially when it’s 8am and you want nothing more than to slather on one coat of mascara and call it a day. But since it’s festival season, it’s time to let your inner Bowie out! Here are a couple of beauty trends to try and break that lazy girl makeup regime!



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Neon Eyeliner

Source: Emin artwork

Pastels are almost synonymous with Summer and therefore totes appropriate for any summer music festival. Preferably used as an eyeliner, these neons keep you looking fresh and ready 2 party all day and all night. We luvv Elle Fanning’s bright pink eyeliner against her fair complexion. Urban Decay makes an array of neon liners you can grab them Sephora.


Heavy Blue Eyeshadow


I strayed very far away from blue eye shadow for a long time for its bad name in makeup history, due to 90s Cameron Diaz and horribly applied by your 10 year old cousins. However, blue eyeshadow is making its comeback and it is only appropriate you go head on with the trend applying it to the top and bottom of your lids (Delevingne style). Make Up For Ever carries a slew of blues perfect for your take on the heave blue eye shadow.


Bleached Brows

Sources: Miley Cyrus on Twitter/

This trend is reserved for the extremely hard core makeup connoisseurs. Warning: bleaching your eyebrows may upset your mom.


Glitter. Everywhere.


Who doesn’t want to personify My Little Pony any chance they get? Rodarte’s take on glitter was fearless and childish makeup perfection!


Temporary Tats


Remember those 25 cent tattoo vending machines at your local grocery store?? I bet they’d make a killing at Osheaga. They’re cheesy, they’re colourful, and the best part is, they’re temporary. Like all music festival memories, they won’t last forever so enjoy and be ridiculous!!!!

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