October 29, 2015

Halloween Makeup Looks For Everyday Wear


Whether you’re a Halloween fanatic or not, the ~SpOoKy~ vibes of October easily bring out the festive spirit in all of us. But if you’re not into the idea of face paint and wigs, or maybe your office/school won’t allow it, we’ve put together an illustrated guide of everyday makeup looks that you can play up for the Halloween SZN.

Make ’em say ‘ME-WOW!!” when you show up, or at least “hey, your cat eye looks way more dramatic today. Nice! Halloween, amirite?” with an extra¬†accentuated cat eye.
fora cate eye


Every girl knows that if you leave your house without mascara on, you might as well have left with no pants on. For an extra ~FeStIvE~ look this season, why not pop on a pair of falsies AND coat on the mascara! Then you can sing ‘dramatic eyes, one look at you and I can’t disguise I’ve got- dramatic eyes’ all day.
fora eye lashes


And we’re not talking ‘one coat of Rebel by MAC’ dark. We’re talking ‘I took a piece of coal from the centre of the earth and rubbed it on my lips in the dark, and then drank 2 litres of merlot’ dark. Give the kiss of death this Halloween. And look good doing it.
fora dark lips


Halloween is a great time of year to secretly experiment with makeup looks without being judged. i.e have you ever wanted to try those dramatic neon//glittery//metallic eye shadow tutorials but have been too intimidated? WELCOME TO HALLOWEEN, where you can try anything once with no repercussions.
fora eye shadow


So, you really hate Halloween. Or else you work in a Law Firm with absolutely no tolerance of costumes in the workplace. Go ahead, rebel against the corporate giants. Paint your nails as black as the night. Pack a chocolate bar for lunch.


Illustrations by: Darcy Allan
Social: @Doedee

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