February 20, 2013

Happy 25th Birthday Rihanna! A Celebration in 25 GIFs.

STOP EVERYTHING! It’s Rihanna’s birthday. While riribadgal celebrates her grand ol’ 25th with #BIRTHDAYbehavior and Billboard success – we’re celebrating with 25 GIFs of riribadgal doing things that make us love her. Bonne fête à toi, RiRi!



Rihanna doing things in GIFs:



1. Riding in a shopping cart with her face open:


2. Giving Katy Perry this super-loving hug:


3. And doing this thing with Katy, too:


4. Swinging FROM THE SKY, which is crazy, and something we’re pretty sure only riribadgal can do:


5. Hanging with Jay-Z:


6. Throwing up gang signs:


7. Outshining an angel:


8. Doing a public boob-lift, #UNAPOLAGETIC-ally:


9. Moving her fingers in this weird, crazy way:


10. Choosing to be happy (you go, girl!):


11. Casually rocking grills:


12. Giving the most enviable smug-wink, ever (we’re taking notes and practicing ours r.n.):


13. Taking the subway (celebrities are just like us, guys!):


14. Fighting over a noodle with Drake:


15. Transforming into a 90s hip-hop star:


16. Puking ribbons:


17. Long hairing, not caring:


18. Practicing what she preaches:


19. Doing her own makeup:


20. Rocking the condom head:


21. Not being afraid of looking like a psychopath:


22. Rocking the pointiest shoulders we’ve ever seen:


23. Feeding her dancers (so noble):


24. Starting The Seapunk Debacle of 2012.


25. Being completely and utterly #unapolagetic:


And, that’s a wrap.


Go on now, RiRi, celebrate.


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