March 28, 2012

HEADLINES: Clay Calls Out Rihanna, Christie Brinkley is Drama, and Franco is Fly as Fack.

This is Gangsta Franco. Wut chu lookin’ at brahhhh? (PopSugar)


If Hollywood were high school this would be the cool kid’s section of the yearbook. And Kate Winslet would be Class President, Leo would be Prom King, and Gwyneth would be Regina George, right? (Lainey Gossip)


MROWR! Clay slams Rihanna to Andy Cohen while sitting beside some blonde with SERIOUS Orange County face. (Too Fab)


I FEAR a future where children are no longer required to chew for themselves. Just imagine those lazy sonsabeeches! (People)


Ohhh Mistahhh Sheffielldddd!!! (ET)


Ahhh. MY EYES. My eyes. Why? Just, why? (Closer)


Cuteness. Reba is the new Patti Stanger. (Us Weekly)


I don’t know her personally, or anything, but I’m guessing Christie Brinkley is crayyytown! I mean she’s got A LOT of baby daddy drama. Oh, wait. Am I confusing her and Kim Basinger again? (TMZ)


PETA loses Khloe Kardashian and gains Courtney Stodden. I mean, if you wanna call that a ‘gain’. (BuzzFeed)


Kris wants 7 millie from Kimmie. Dream on Lurch. Mama Kris made sure that pre-nup was TIGHT! (Pop 2 It)


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