September 10, 2013

Kastor & Pollux Say HEY From #NYFW!

Hey Internet friends! Last Friday, Bianca and I packed two 50lb suitcases and hopped on a plane to New York for fashion week – something I can only describe as an incredibly stressful series of fashion-filled days that force me into living off granola bars I haphazardly throw into my bag each morning.




Cool/not cool things that happened to us:

-We sat across from Solange at Noon by Noor and stared at her afro in creepy ways. #besties

-We learned about juice from the Love Grace juice guys at the Lookbook party. #besties

-We saw Paris Hilton – twice. #besties

-We interviewed Custo Dalmau from Custo Barcelona backstage before his show and touched every piece from his collection. #besties

-We experienced near death when we accidentally cut into the meet and greet line at Jenn’s #CosmicNYFW party. #besties

-We went to a diner where our waitress ended off every sentence with “baby”. It’s been a conversational thing ever since. #besties

-Olivia Palermo blew smoke into our faces as she was sashaying across the sidewalk in front of our hotel. #besties

-We took a picture with Audrey Kitching.

Aimee Song is staying at our hotel. We wait outside her room every night. #besties


Moral of the story: Meet us at #NYFW and we’ll be either 1) your #besties or 2) your new stalkers. See you around!


PS: Aimee, we don’t actually wait outside your room every day. Please don’t file restraining orders against us.

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