January 25, 2017

Home Decor Ideas To Help Destress And Unwind


Our environment plays a major factor in our mood. Whether we’re sad or happy, the state of our home can directly impact these emotions and whether or not they change. A few minutes stuck in traffic can start the day off on a frustrating note, while the scent of our favourite candle can instantly relieve stress after a long day.

With today being Bell Let’s Talk Day, we wanted to ~ talk ~ about creating a happy home. Here are eight home decor ideas that promote a stress-free, happy and healthy environment.

Diffusers are basically magic. Not only do they purify and humidify the air, but they also help to destress and improve your mood (plus they smell amazing). Essential oils can set a positive atmosphere for not only yourself, but for anyone who visits your home. Diffusers can also help you get a restful sleep each night and relax after a stressful day depending on the oil you choose.


{Saje Diffuser, $75}

Gallery walls are a major trend in current home decor, but they also have benefits in the promotion of mental wellness. You can create a theme of travelling, do a collage of vintage photos or even use your own photographs of your family or friends. The idea is to create a collection of images that, simply put, make you happy. Whether they’re future aspirations or past memories, seeing the reminder spread across your wall will make you smile.



Scented candles have this mystical power to transport you to another time and place with a single whiff. Just lighting a candle and letting the scent spread through your apartment can improve your mood (and any stinky apartment smells).


{NEST Scented Candle, $56}

Zen gardens are regarded as a symbol of peace and tranquility in Japan. The garden is designed to represent the different soothing elements in our environment. Ancient Buddhists typically used the garden for meditation, so why not try it out? A tiny desk version of a zen garden can act as a simple reminder to take time out of your day to relax and just breathe.


{Chapters Indigo, $10}

Colour choices can affect your mood. Having a few bright and colourful accents around your house is a surefire way to brighten your day. Whether it’s a yellow throw pillow, a pastel blue rug or a neon art piece, a few bold accents can brighten any day and instantly uplift your mood. It’s nearly impossibly to feel glum when your environment is a shouting happiness.



There are few things in life as soothing and relaxing as the warm glow of a campfire and Himalayan salt lamps offer this same ambience at home. Not only do salt lamps purify the air, but like diffusers, they can improve your mood. Their red-orange soothing glow offers light and colour therapy benefits to boost your energy levels and make you feel relaxed.


{Bed Bath & Beyond, $30-$50}

Plants to promote mental wellness? Why yes! Soil contains a microbe nicknamed “outdoorphins,” which acts as a natural mood booster. This helps you happier and can promote a greater sense of mental wellness in your home. Plua, house plants are so in right now.



Sometimes, all we need is a little reminder that we are great and we are loved in order to make it through the day. These bold quotes are the perfect addition to any blank space, and are sure to brighten your spirits. Whether it’s something goofy or something inspiring, a daily reminder that everything is going to be okay is a great decor addition to any home.


{Etsy, $15-$100}

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