November 3, 2014

How To: Curl Ur Hair w/o HEAT

Our hair needs some serious McLovin guys…it deals with enough on the daily. I obsess over beauty gurus on Youtube and they have taught me some valuable lessons in hurrrrr. So let me share that wisdom with y’all.



Sock Curls


Before you tilt your head to the side, i’ll add a disclaimer: **use CLEAN SOCKS**. I first heard about this hair curling method from my lovely friend Natalie who FaceTimed me with a headful of socks. The next day, she had luscious curls. So I decided to give it a try myself and let me tell you…my curling wand has felt very neglected since. It’s very easy to do right after a shower, and easy to sleep on.

– Socks
– Gel or Mousse

It’s that simple! Use leave-in conditioner, or Moroccan Oil if you feel like giving your hair some extra luv.





During Frosh week my friend Alexis needed gr8 hair for her date the next morning, but there was no curling iron in sight so I grabbed a bunch of straws, bobby pins, and told her to have a little faith in me. Let me just say I’m not going to take all the credit for it but…they’ve been dating for a year – and I’m pretty sure it’s probably because of my expertise in heatless curls.

– Bobby Pins
– Straws
– Gel or Mousse



Sponge Curls #tbt


Sponge curls remind me of my 6 year old self, standing over the sink, trying to shove these in my hair. Now, I’m more experienced and ended up becoming a slave to the sponge curls during my 2014 Kylie Jenner bob-hairstyle period.

– Sponge Rollers
– Gel or Mousse
– Patience





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