May 21, 2015

How to Get the Most from Your Fro-Yo

candy_finalDo you hate it when what starts as an innocent fro-yo run turns into a $9 cup of candy and regret? Then read on! Here at FORA, we’re sick of falling into the trap of a poorly constructed and pricey serving of frozen yogurt. So we decided to take on the heroic task of remedying this problem.

After much research, We present to you: A Comprehensive Guide to Efficiently Creating the Perfect Cup of Fro-Yo.

All research was conducted at a Yogurty’s located at Queen/Palmerston in Toronto.


The Basics

If you’ve never been to a self-serve yogurt shop, let us break it down for you. You walk in and you’re basically a kid in a candy store. Except you’re not a kid. And there’s frozen yogurt.

You fill a cup with as many flavours as you can stomach and then pile on a mountain of candy and chocolate on top. Gummy frogs, gummy bears and gummy worms, oh my! You then place your cup on the scale at the cash and hold your breath.  At our local fro-yo shop, they charge you 55  cents per ounce.


Here’s the topping offerings at our Yogurty’s:

Gummies: Jumbo sour keys, gummy frogs, sour gummy worms, sour chewy cubes, mini gummy bear cubs

Fruity: Strawberries, maraschino cherries, mango, lychee popping boba, mango popping boba

Chocolate: Reese’s Pieces, white chocolate chips, mini m&ms, dark chocolate curls,peanut butter cup slices, Sea salt caramel truffle

Salty: Dry roasted and chopped peanuts, cashews, sliced and toasted almonds

Classic toppings and other desserts and candy: Skor toffee bits, peanut butter chips, yogurt covered raisins, chopped Butterfinger, chopped Oreo, rainbow sprinkles, Andes mint, cookies and cream clusters, brownie bites, cookie dough bits, cheesecake bites, mochi, Nerds




Since this was a Professional and Legitimate Scientific Study of fro-yo, our plan of attack was well thought out and precise:

We made several trips to our local Yogurty’s, asked the employees questions, filled cups with fro-yo and toppings, and recorded the weight and price. We added one spoonful of each topping unless otherwise stated. Since we measured our cup in between every topping the weight increase expressed in the table is how much one spoonful of each topping weighed. Since the scales at Yogurty’s already omit the weight of the cup, the weights listed include only the weight of the toppings and yogurt. We chose toppings based on what employees noted as popular.




Topping Net Weight (oz) Weight Increase (oz)
Yogurt 3.35 3.35
Jumbo Sour Key 4.06 0.71
Mango Boba 5.47 1.41
Strawberries (five pieces) 7.05 1.58
Mini m&ms 7.94 0.89
Cookie Dough 9.17 1.23
Sour Gummy Worms 10.23 1.06

Total : $7.67



Topping Net Weight (oz) Weight Increase (oz)
Yogurt 4.23 4.23
Peanut Butter Cup Slices 5.11 0.88
Cheesecake Bites 6.17 1.06
Oreo 6.89 0.72
Skor Toffee Bits 7.41 0.52
Cashew 8.29 0.88

Total: $ 5.14

Conclusions*Trip 2 yielded a very delicious combination of toppings. Piled on top of tart flavoured yogurt, we would definitely make this again!

After much investigation (and eating yogurt and gummy worms in the name of science) here are our findings.

fave toppings wheeL_TEXT

Winning Toppings

•Peanut butter cups slices – satisfies your chocolate needs without being boring like chocolate curls or gross like Almond Roca.

•Cheesecake bites – decadent topping without the excessive weight. Super creamy and isn’t overly sweet.

•Cashews – despite being among the most expensive nuts outside the Yogurty’s arena, cashews were both economical and delicious as a topping. They provide the salty element sometimes needed for a refined frozen yogurt palate.

Toppings to Skip

•Strawberries – chances are they’ve probably been sitting out all day (read: soggy) . They’re super heavy and are frankly not worth jacking up the price of your yogurt for. Also healthy fruit has no place on top of your delicious mountain of sugar.

•Cookie dough – although cookie dough is delicious, I need to save all I can as I can’t afford expensive heavy toppings on my $0/year newly graduated student salary. My advice? Opt for cheesecake bites instead!

•Mango boba – surprisingly heavy. And although it’s marketed as “popping” boba, nothing of the sort happened. DISAPPOINTED.


The Feared Jumbo Sour Key

When we discussed our plans to conduct this study, a lot of our friends and coworkers brought up the notion of the jumbo sour key. Most believed that it was a rip-off and probably added a whole dollar to your fro-yo. In fact, a single jumbo sour key was among the cheapest toppings, rivaled only by a spoonful of Oreo crumbles and Skor bits. A single sour key is more economical than every other gummy offering. Myth BUSTED!

The Value of Happy Hour

At our Yogurty’s, they promote a “Happy Hour” Mon-Thurs from 3p.m.-7p.m.  You can fill a slightly smaller and shorter cup with yogurt and fixings and only pay a flat rate of $5. Sounds good right? If you’re the type to wild out and load toppings, yes. But if you’re a minimalist in your frozen yogurt preferences and opt for a modest amount and few toppings, you’re better off going for the 55 cents/ounce rate.

There you have it! Grab your friend, head to a yogurt shop and put our findings to the test. You now know how to get mo’ from yo’ fro-yo.


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