June 10, 2016

How To Have A Summer Fling With Yourself


Sometimes the perfect accompaniment to summer is having a ~summer fling~ when the air is as hot as the *chemistry* between you. But just like your tan, summer flings fade away- but those sun-kissed memories last forever.

But alas, what if your picture perfect summer fling never comes along? Don’t spend your carefree days CARING about something like that. You don’t need to rely on anyone else to make sure your summer is ~young, wild and free~, you just need yourself! Read on and we’ll show you exactly how you can have the ultimate individual summer fling.


This means pamper, pamper, pamper. Buy yourself the things you’ve always wanted, indulge in your guilty pleasures and put yourself on a pedestal. You’re your own #WCW. Here’s some things on our list:


[Kiehl’s Bubble Bath, $30] [Clarins Self-Tanning Lotion, $37] [Mudslide Hair Mask, $48] [Anastasia Glow Kit, $52] [Ruffle Swimsuit, $120] [Sunglasses, $31] [Bikini So Teeny Nail Polish, $8.50]


The *key* aspect that makes a summer fling so exciting is all the fun activities that arise in the summer time. Don’t wait around for someone to take you, grab your purse and your sunnies and head out the door. If you’re not super comfortable going by yourself, find a friend who’s also having an individual summer fling and do fun activities together. Here are our top seven summer must-do’s when dating yourself:


Spend a day screaming and laughing on roller coasters, splashing in a water park, or eating cotton candy on a ferris wheel. As long as you don’t end the day in a pile of vomit, you’re sure to have a blast (but honestly, puke stories are also hilarious)



If you already live in the city, this is your chance to explore the hidden gems. If you don’t: grab a train ticket and get ready for a day full of shopping, eating, and touring what your nearest city has to offer!



Put on your bikini, pack a good book, sunscreen, a towel and a volleyball: it’s time for a good old fashioned beach day. And what the hell- even throw in a hotdog leg shot.



If you didn’t grab tickets to any summer music festivals, check the internet for small ones happening in towns near you. Chances are there will be tons, and it’s a great way to hear new music – plus, most of them are *free*!


Image via Blog da Michelle


If you don’t know any good areas to go hiking around you, we suggest you use our trusty pal Google. But always remember – go hiking with a friend, or let someone know where you’re going! We want you to have a summer fling, not relive 127 hours.



Pack the back of your BFFs car with fuzzy blankets and pillows and get ready for the best cuddles of your life.

Views in car watch movie Star Drive In Movie Theater, Montrose, Colorado


Probably the easiest and most relaxing date of them all – go outside and stargaze for a while, and be prepared to do some serious life contemplation.



Hey sexy lady, you do not need anyone to validate your beauty. Make sure to set some time aside to stare at yourself in the mirror, be a little vain, and love yourself. Here are our top tips if you struggle with low self-esteem:

  1. Keep a journal for reflection.
  2. Enjoy what makes you happy, and do more of it.
  3. Realize your potential.
  4. Find new interests.
  5. Appreciate and learn to love yourself.
  6. Read empowering books. Check out our staff recommendations here.


Yeah, we know you’ve been planning to finish that painting, restore that car, make your website, or whatever project you’ve been toying around in your brain with for the past few days, months, years. Now’s your chance to get sh*t DONE. Trust us, you’ll feel better than ever. Here are some ideas if you don’t have a personal project:

  • Start a YouTube Channel
  • Learn a new skill
  • Make some ~art~
  • Workout

No matter what you do this summer, don’t forget the most important rule of a summer fling: make some amazing memories.

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