February 25, 2015

How To Prep For a Viewing of The Victoria's Secret Swim Special

As if the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show wasn’t enough, they’ve gone ahead and added another night for us to ponder and analyze many many things. Merp. The 2015 Victoria’s Secret Swimsuit Special airs tomorrow night, and we feel like we need a whole day of mental and physical preparation. Here are 5 things we could use to get through this show, sanely.

1. #mealprep


Watching these models on TV is not an easy task, so we need something to preoccupy the nerves. Prepare some healthy snacks to nibble on while tears roll down your face, but make it tasty- get some apples and add some PEANUT BUTTER for dipping…. maybe some cinnamon too?!


Emergency Doritos Stash. Check.

2. Crunch Time


Time is ticking away, those girls are going to appear very soon. So, get physically ready. Do 50 crunches in the a.m. That will be a great, positive and a rewarding start to the day! You can do it!


For some extra reinforcement get your roommate to dangle your favourite treat in front of your face. How aboooooooout…A CUPCAKE.

3. Faux-Glow


Aii, these winter pasties seem to be lasting forever. Is it summer yet? Unforch, it’s not, but we can still achieve that glow. Slab on your fav self-tanning cream, and feel VS runway ready (almost).


Go Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle style (we’re not talking eye masks here). Draw on some ab lines. No one will question your overnight 6-pack.

4. Come To Your Senses


Those bikini days may feel very far away, so light some tropical candles, close your eyes and smell the air.


You already have the smell, now you need the taste. Get some of your favourite tropical foods and bring paradise to you. To take it to the next level and run the tap for a couple seconds to sound like a water fall. OASIS=ACHIEVED.

5. Rise & Grind


Drop IN like it’s hot. Make plans to go to your nearest fitness┬ástudio or gym for a┬ádrop-in class the next morning! These Victoria’s Secret specials are almost as compelling as making New Years resolutions. This can be the beginning of a weekly routine!! huh, huh?


The more push the better. Force Bring your bestie along, so you can lean on each other (before AND after the class)


With these powers combined, we guarantee a pleasurable viewing experience for you and your besties. We know it, you know it- you are totally beautiful just the way you are, but even the most beautiful women shed a small tear when looking at these Victoria’s Secret Models.

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