March 9, 2015

How to Spring Clean Your Life

Even though it doesn’t feel like it, spring’s right around the corner. Inevitably, that means it’s also time for some spring cleaning. But before you get on your rubber gloves and bust out the Dyson, consider these less obvious, less tedious chores to take on. Here’s how to spring clean your life — bedroom and beyond.


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1. Purge your wardrobe:
An obvious place to start, but this spring, be more aggressive. Follow the cardinal rule of closet purging:If you have to question whether or not you should keep an item, get rid of it. Added bonus: Reflecting on those “What was I thinking?” purchases is always fun.



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2. Purge your social media accounts.
Unfollow your ex on Instagram. Stop subscribing to that YouTube beauty guru you exclusively hate watch. Delete those single-semester friends you made in your first-year elective courses off Facebook. Organize your online life, and your IRL life will follow.



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3. Adopt one good habit.
Or get rid of one bad one. The new year should start in the spring- it’s way more inspiring. Revisit all the things you said you would do (but didn’t) two months ago. Eat breakfast. Drink more water. Limit yourself to one episode of Scandal a night.



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4. Learn one #clean recipe.
Accept the fact that you probably don’t have the discipline to do a two-week juice cleanse. And there’s no way you’re cutting out Doritos. Learn a new, healthy recipe to compensate for your otherwise awful diet. Think about all the hashtags you can use when you Instagram it! #EatClean #KaleYeah #Instafit




5. Get rid of the skeletons in your closet.
It’s a new season. And if the spring can forgive the winter for making everything cold and sad, so can you. Let go of the things that burden you. And look forward to the future. The best thing about the springtime? It means summer’s coming soon.


By: Celina Torrijos

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