February 7, 2014

How To: Wear Boy Stuff

Don’t get me wrong; girl fashion is fabulous. Dresses, skirts, heels – all that super fun stuff. BUT there’s just something that’s ~so great~ about menswear. It’s cool, it’s less fussy, AND IT’S MORE COMFORTABLE.

With the amount of boy clothes for girls in stores (plus “boy outfit” and “girl outfit” lines being blurred more and more every day), it can be really easy to dress like a full-on male (and trust me, #everydaystruggles for me). While that’s fun and all, here’s a guide for when you want to wear boy clothes.



Bomber Jackets

sources: a-gentlemans-row + selfserviceuk

Why we like it: Why should sorority boys have all the fun? VARSITY JACKET REVOLUTION!

Where/when to wear it: Pretending to study at the library.

How to wear it: With a cute skirt or tight jeans (to show off your assets)



Baseball Caps

souces: gq + jamrockmagazine

Why we like it: Hair styling (ok fine…washing) minimization.

Where/when to wear it: Incognito (hungover) Sunday morning coffee runs. School. Walking the dog. Anywhere exciting and dangerous, really. Also, anytime you feel your outfit needs a dash of coolness.

How to wear it: With a fancy coat, leather skinnies and chunky boots.




sources: imgfave + lightaholic

Why we like it: They are flats. i.e. not heels

Where/when to wear it: Your internship. Coffee runs = 10x more pleasant.

How to wear it: With boyfriend jeans, a fitted blazer, and some kewl jewels.




sources: modavracha + jnormanpost

Why we like it: Because it awakens the boss bi$h in us all.

Where/when to wear it: Discussing business models and/or plans. Or, wherever/whenever you feel like it…cuz’ GIRL POWER!

How to wear it: With your sexiest pair of heels and red lips to further scare the living daylights out of every male in your presence.


Go f0rth, laydees!


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