March 7, 2014

7 Things Zoe Kravitz And I Could Do On Spring Break Together

If I could think of someone that I could potentially want to be, that someone would be Zoe Kravitz. Muse to my favourite designer (Alexander Wang in case ya didn’t know), daughter of Lenny Kravitz…those should be enough anecdotes in demonstration of why she is unimaginably cool and awesome. Since it is definite that I could never BE her, I do feel that there is a strong possibility that we could eventually become friends. I have so much belief in this potential connection that I’ve imaged what we do if we were to attend a Spring Break Vacation together. To further add ~dimension~ to this concept, I’ve created some relatable pictorial representations of activities that Zoe and I could do on spring break together.


Header image: Buzznet


We Could Go On Beach Walks And Talk About Our Romantic Endeavours



We Could R.I.P Kill Da Club In Our Matching Shoes (In All Black, Of Course)



We Could Go On A ~Shopping Spree~ Together



We Could Grab Some Tacos And Reflect On Life



We Could Go To A ~Fashun Event~ Together



We Could Play Beach Volleyball Whilst Listening To Drake



We Could Get Matching Friendship Tattoos Because YOLO its Spring Break






…And more BFF situations:

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