November 14, 2014

In Defence of People Who Stare

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Sometimes your eyes just don’t avert as quickly as your brain tells them to, and guess what? there is NO SHAME. Staring is sometimes unavoidable and often times very embarrassing, but as a professional people-watcher it is time to set the record straight: not all stares are bad.


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It’s A Major Compliment

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If you are the subject of someone’s lingering gaze, take it as nothing but a compliment. Whether they realize it or not, the starer simply cannot look away. Chances are they probably want whatever you’re eating or are planning how to copy what you are wearing. Either way, it’s a compliment, OWN IT!



It’s Entertaining

Starers 2
Source: Fox Searchlight 

Long commutes home or boring lectures become infinitely more entertaining watching other people try to entertain themselves. I’m not trying to offend you with my gaze, you are just so much more exciting than this class right now. ~Dance Monkey DANCE~



It’s not you, It’s probably the wall behind you

Starers 3
Source: Paramount Vantage

The worst part about staring (aside from being incredibly creeeepy) is that it is usually a total accident. Nine times out of ten staring is usually just the result of major exhaustion/intense thinking/life contemplation. You could be clad in a head to toe neon onesie and I probably wouldn’t notice if I am deep in ***life thoughts***. 


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