November 17, 2014

#FORAFORAVER: What's In The Interns' Bags?

You can tell a lot about a person based on what they carry in their bag. All four of us are full-time students & interns at your friendly neighbourhood FORA. So, we’ve decided to show you what we carry on a day 2 day basis.




Carrie Cai

Carrie carries (get it) the ESSENTIALZ. You automatically can tell she’s a fashion student with her ASOS holographic backpack, and issue of Nylon. Band-aids are a necessity, considering she has her clumsy moments (we all do 2, it’s coo). Also don’t touch her apricot fruit strip or there’s gonna be some problems.

-Moschino Phone Case
-Disposable Cameras
-J.Crew Portable Phone Charger
-Big Sunglasses (Carrie blocks out the haterz with those)
-Moleskin Notebook
-Clearly Contacts Prescription Glasses
-iPhone 4s


Yona Strauss

Yona’s bag contents are exactly what you’d expect from a Media student. Also if you ask her what she’d need on a desert island, it’s her hard-drive. As a commuter, Yona has all the small things one would need to sustain throughout the day, so she’s always G2G: Good 2 Go

-Aldo Bag
-The latest Rolling Stone Mag
-MAC Lip Conditioner
-Mini Marc Jacobs Daisy Perfume
-Cute Lil Hardrive
-H&M Toque
-Fresh Lip Moisturizer
-iPhone 5
-Notebook & Agenda


Bianca Scarlato

Bianca’s bag is identical to her Instagram newsfeed, and her apartment. Even her candy matches her belongings….#thecoolest. As I’m writing this, she’s applying the lipsticks seen in this photo. Lip game strong.

-Ray Bans Sunglasses
-Aldo Leather Backpack
-iPhone 6
-Black Licorice
-Bose Headphones
-Mead Notebooks
-Revlon Lipsticks
-i-D Mag


Daniella Beca


Last but not least, your favourite hoarder. I have this ritual where before I go to sleep I pack all my things for the next day depending on my schedule. I also can’t go anywhere without something to read/write. ight?

-Forever 21 Tote
-Forever 21 Make-Up Clutch
-This month’s read: #GIRLBOSS
-iPhone 5s
-Voss Water
-Body Shop’s Vitamin E Facial Spray
-Mini-Composition Notebook
-Ray Bans Sunglasses (Prescription lol)
-Needs & Wants for Fashion Inspo (also s/o to Chantelle for that cover photo)







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