May 29, 2013

KANYE: Best, Worst And Most Confusing Moments


Though Kanye essentially has an empire of his own, he isn’t perfect. In fact, there have been so many “blips” in his career that it’s surprising that he is so highly regarded as some sort of “fashion god.” Although I feel like I’m in no position to argue with that (after all, not everyone can do it like Kanye), I’m slightly concerned that Mr. West might actually think he’s a higher power (read: Tay Swift). After all, he announced that he “is Art” at one of his concerts in Vancouver (I was there and it was a total WTF moment), and he posed as Jesus on a cover of Rolling Stone back in 2006. In the story, West spoke of his ego. “You want me to be great but you don’t ever want me to say I’m great?” And this, by the way, was just shortly after he released “Jesus Walks”…..

Okay, okay, we get it. But what’s next, Yeezy?



Soooo, it’s only fair to outline the weird and confusing Kanye moments first so y’all can read the good stuff last and exit this Internet Website with a better impression of him…*hopefully*. I won’t bash Yeezy too much because he does have so much to offer (and only some of his actions are a little questionable).



The….awkward/confusing/frightening/un-classy moments:


There was Tay Swift… 

Source: MTV

Swift: Ummm… oh no… that’s, uh, mine UGHHHHHH…..

West: Yo Taylor I’m really happy for you and I’mma let you finish but uh….

Swift: F***.

When Tay Swift won the 2009 VMA for “Best Female Video”, a mere second went by before West jumped up on stage to give his two cents as to why he thought Beyonce should have won. Way to keep it classy, Kanye!



And that time he dissed the president

(“Dissed” is putting it lightly)

Source: ET Online

Kanye was booked as a celebrity guest for a Hurricane Katrina Relief telethon. It was thought that West might bring more awareness to the cause.. however, this wasn’t exactly what HE had in mind. He took the opportunity to take the “dissing the president route” and his angle of choice was “George Bush hates black people.” Bush, of course, took it to heart and later announced that it was one of the worst moments of his presidency.

Not to mention… Mike Myer’s (present at the time) on-camera reaction during West’s tirade tops it all.



And then there was that temper tantrum…

Source: Buzzfeed

After being nominated for five Moon Men at the 2007 VMA’s and walking away with nothing, West was pretty much crying like a baby and yelling backstage. Awww there, there.



And that other temper tantrum…

Poor Justice.

I mean, really!?


Some great moments:


He’s a momma’s boy

Source: NYMag

He loves his mom and even wrote a song about her!! Awww whadda BIG heart you have, Kanye <3 <3



AND a real human – accidents and all!

Source: Daily Mail

See! Kanye isn’t superhuman! He’s running headfirst into posts!!! #sillykanye



Also, ~fashion, daaaaahhhling~

Source: Upscale Hype/Perez Hilton

Kanye West is undoubtedly one of the best dressed men on the scene. However, his first attempt at sending his own designs down the runway was met with a sort of… “meh” response from fashion experts. ALAS! Not all is lost, as it looks like he is going to give it another go. He wants the second attempt to be “sexy Margiela” inspired and is currently looking at bringing together a design team. I know he has it in him, let’s see if the second time is a charm!


Source: Style Pantry


And finally…



Source: Zimbio


He has (and he always will) make girls and guys alike get up on tables to shake their booty to his music. Everyone loves a lil Kanye, so let’s raise cheers to that!


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