August 28, 2014

Your Guide To: The Last Road Trip of Summer

Alas, BTS is days away and soon wearing shoes will required of us once again *sigh*. Goodbye barefoot living, bikinis as tops, and shirtless lifeguards. Parting is such sweet sorrow. But before you wave adiós to casual summer living, why not plan one last shindig for the books? As our final ode to summer 2014, we’ve created a guide to your last road trip of the season. Inspired by the #EtsyRoadTrip we went on earlier this month (ICYMI click here, here and here) – all of the tips have been tried and tested by yours truly and FORA videographer, Rosizzle. So why not make the most of the long weekend, pack your car full of baes, and #keepitwild!



Header Video by Rosanna Peng



Get Lost 

Source: All Of The Trees Of The Field

Kick it old school with a paper map, no tech no problem. Getting lost is the best kind of adventure when sand, sun, or bearded wildness type men are around. Plus studies show that being in nature helps reduce stress and elevate our moods (nothing to do with the aforementioned bearded wildness men, if you can believe it). So thank nature for doing her thang, and go hug a tree!



Break for Art

Source: Bob Adleman

Now that you’ve gotten a healthy dose of hunky woodsmen, I mean, nature, it’s time to retreat to the city for some one on one time with Andy Warhol. Or Picasso. Or whatever artist is on feature at the local gallery. BONUS points if it’s a Canadian artist. Double BONUS points for posing like the statues.



Plan Your Route Around Snacks


As a seasoned roadtripper, I’d like to think I’m qualified enough to know the real #facts about vaycay driving. For example, I know that snacking on local treats is a great way to learn about a city. Does this mean you should order dessert everywhere you go? Of course!

Before you hit the road be sure to do your research. Snacks is serious business, guys. Hitting up regional blogs is a great way to discover the favourite local sweet shop or the best poutine in Montréal. Label this under “V. Important Stuff”.



Get Homey, Homie 


So maybe you’re not Internet enough to have a mint-coloured Volkswagen bus filled with cushy bohemian pillows and a wolf dog or two, but that doesn’t mean that your road trip should be any less cozy when it comes to accommodations. We suggest you make like us #EtsyRoadTrippers and airbnb it. Think about it, an airbnb stay already has a homey feel. There’s clean linins and running water. Heck, you might even luck out a find one with a wolf dog. There’s a special kind of * warm fuzziest * that you get from snuggling in someone else’s down filled comforter, while reading someone else’s books, and drinking that someone else’s herbal tea. Cuddles, anyone?



Shop Local

Source: @honestlyyum via @folkmagazine/ @folkmagazine 

Aside from the obvious benefits of supporting the local economy, reducing the energy it takes to ship international goods, investing in quality products, and fueling a fellow Canadian’s dream, shopping local handmade goods means you get cool/unique finds that no one else can copy. Feeling ~special~? You should.





Shout to to team Etsy #friendsforever


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