October 1, 2014

Why I Want To Date Lloyd Dobler

Our perceptions of romance will forever be tarnished and skewed thanks to many Hollywood classics – particularly the films from the 80’s where the shy and eccentric girl always seems to win the love and affection of the local hottie. Even worse, our expectations for possible crushes are extremely high (because ain’t nobody gonna fill those shoes perfectly!!!) Regardless, this doesn’t mean that these ideal men cannot act as inspiration to the dudes of the world. John Cusack as his character Lloyd Dobler in the Cameron Crowe favourite Say Anything may be the most quintessential man ever created. Here are some reasons to explain his perfection. HEY GUYS: Pay close attention!



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His steez


Lloyd’s casual approach to style and fashion works effortlessly well. Both Lloyd and Kanye cut a chic figure in their camel trenches and cool kicks. More proof that a Lloyd Dobler type is totally timeless.



He’s incredibly wise


Lloyd, a youthful 19, is wise beyond his years. Though his eloquence was lacking when describing what he wants to do in the future, he’s surprisingly poignant in other ways. If you were dating Lloyd you could count on him to drop incredibly sage advice completely out of the blue.



He could teach me to drive standard!


My greatest claim to shame is my lack of driving ability. Let’s not talk about it. However, I desperately need to “get back on the horse” so to speak when it comes to automobile operation. If I was dating the Lloydster, he would get me behind the wheel again, and I’d probably master stick shift within a matter of minutes (okay, maybe hours).



Could physically defend you


Despite not being able to pinpoint exactly what he’s going to do as a career, Lloyd does know that he wants to further his kickboxing skills. He practices at home, he teaches youngsters how to hiya, and he displays his toughness at the local boxing ring. With Lloyd, you would always feel safe.



In touch with his emotions


Who needs a guy who’s impossible to read and as insensitive as a hammer, when you could have Lloyd Dobler?! He doesn’t shy away from the feelings, whether they be extremely and passionately jubilant or if they’re representing the depths of despair. I like that in a man.



And this!!!

When Lloyd is too emotionally distressed to find the words to express his undying love, he instead turns to the ever-poetic Peter Gabriel. How romantic!




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