September 11, 2014

Man Buns Let Loose


Every now and then, a bold and courageous man will grow his hair long: in bountiful curls, beach babe waves, pin-straight tresses, what have you. The result is often a shocking proclamation of manhood; an effortless statement of cool; a brave venturing into a fearless counterculture.  In a search outside the realms of the overwhelming man bun trend (just kidding, we love you man bunners), we’ve discovered that the long-haired gentleman is worthy of equal attention to the top knots of our generation – for many reasons.



Not only are they beautiful…


Brooding, mysterious, strong, capable creatures, the long-haired man knows the power of using his hair to frame his ever-changing facial expressions (concerned, determined, caring, shy, etc.) and beautifully chiseled features. He knows the right time to run his fingers through his hair and flip it to the side haphazardly so that a single strand hangs just over his brow.



And a little sensitive


He’s also artistic…and timid…and maybe even a little naïve. These long-locked boys find solace in expressing themselves creatively, pouring over song-lyrics and the perfect day at the skate park. They fell in love with a girl, once – and then never again.



With hair that blows perfectly in the wind




They’re also famous


Few valiant male celebrities have opted for messy, flowing hairdos, but when they do, it’s a true work of art. Male celebrities who have taken the mane route also include: Taylor Kitsch, Orlando Bloom, Anthony Kiedis, Tom Cruise, Ashton Kutcher, Eddie Vedder, Gavin Rossdale, Gerard Butler, James Franco, etc.



Or rockstars


Optimal for head-banging and looking sweaty after a show…



Or just Kit Harington…over and over again


Um, his shirt reads “heartbreaker” for good reason.


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