May 27, 2016

Meet Your Matcha


Imagine if there was a drink that gave you energy, helped you concentrate, aided in weight loss, increased your physical endurance and reduced your risk of cancer. Now imagine MATCHA.  It’s green, it’s powdery and it’s health benefits are un-MATCHA-ble.

Matcha is our new caffeine obsession, and if you’ve yet to try it; by the end of this post you’ll be running to grab some. Matcha is the green tea leaf ground into a fine powder, which can then be added to water for teas, but can also be used in various recipes.

The difference between matcha and green tea is this – with matcha, you consume the whole green tea leaf (allowing you to consume all the benefits that come along with it), while green tea is just water infused by the leaf. Drinking one cup of matcha tea is equivalent to the benefits of drinking *10 cups* of green tea. They’re also grown differently – matcha is ~shade grown~ meaning it’s covered with cloths and then harvested, which increases the amount of chlorophyll, benefits and of course the ~taste~.



  • it’s packed with powerful antioxidants (specifically EGCg) which reduce the risk of disease and helps fight aging
  • helps to boost metabolism and thermogenesis
  • can increase your physical endurance up to 24%
  • helps detoxify your body *naturally* because of the chlorophyll
  • rich in fibre and vitamins
  • enhances your mood and helps concentration
  • helps to lower blood sugar and cholesterol


  • it *may* contain lead, since it’s grown in China, the soil may be contaminated, therefore growing into the plant – however this shouldn’t stop you from drinking matcha. As a precaution doctors recommend you stick to no more than one cup a day!




Matcha only has 3 calories per gram, so you don’t have to feel guilty about chugging it back. But get this – it can help burn fat up to four times, without putting any stress on the body (i.e., raised heart rate, blood pressure etc.)! It boosts your metabolism and thermogenesis (how fast your body burns calories) from a normal 8-10% up to 43%. It’s also packed with fibre – which really helps your digestion and to get everything ~moving~.


Since matcha is a leaf, it’s packed with chlorophyll which is what gives it that potent green colour. Chlorophyll is proven to be one of the most powerful detoxifiers, that can filter out heavy metals and dangerous chemicals from your body. And again – that fibre helps flush everything out to make your body feel healthier.


You can get matcha from most health food stores in a can, or from many tea stores such as David’s Tea. Here are some of our favourites!


[Imperial Teavana Matcha, $44.95] [Morning Matcha, $35] [David’s Tea Flavoured Matcha Packs, $18] [David’s Tea Matcha Set, $35] [Full Leaf Matcha, $32.37]

A hint for Starbucks lovers: Order a “venti ice water with three scoops of matcha, shaken” for a cheap, refreshing mid-day boost. Most of the time this will only cost you 80 cents, but they’re putting new rules in place so that you’re charged 2.90. If you are charged more than this, just tell the barista to refer to page 17 of the pricing guide, where it specifies that “Matcha Waters” shall be charged as a custom iced tea. Although beware – Starbucks does mix their matcha with a bit of icing sugar!


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