April 24, 2017

Monday Momentum: April 24

Every Monday, we mourn the death of the weekend. Luckily, Monday Momentum’s got everything to get you through this week—from your morning jams to something to look forward to once Friday (finally) comes around.

Here’s your weekly dose of motivation. Mondays are tough, BE TOUGHER.

Words to live by for the next seven days

“Grow through what you go through”

A weekly pic to inspire the rest of the week (or at least the morning)

Gemma Warren for Defuze Magazine


A mood-lifting song to get you in the right Monday mindset


An article from around the web to enrich your life

“There Are More Asian Roles In Teen Dramas But They Still Make Us Seem Weird” by Celeste Kim for VICE

In many ways I am very similar to an East Asian character in a teen drama. I am—brag—barely out of my teens, I am Korean, I have an Anglo-Eurocentric first name, my parents will not leave me alone, and I am highly suspicious of everyone around me. When I turn on the television (my laptop) and I flip the channels (type in “watch [TV show] free online” to Google) to find the glamorous, teen (adult actors with good skin) versions of myself, the ones I find are highly confusing.


A conversation starter to help you make new friends or impress the ones you already have

Australia’s Great Barrier Reef is the size of Germany and there’s 600 types of coral that call it home. But two-thirds of it could die thanks to coral bleaching which is caused by climate change, pollution and ocean acidity.


A luxurious item to lust over (or buy if you’re feelin’ $pendy)

Gazelle Primeknit Shoes, $170 @ Adidas


What to look forward to this week

Come full circle this Friday and watch Emma Watson in The Circle, a sci-fi thriller (think Black Mirror episode but in a full-length flick!).

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