August 21, 2017

Monday Momentum: August 21

Every Monday, we mourn the death of the weekend. Luckily, Monday Momentum’s got everything to get you through this week—from your morning jams to something to look forward to once Friday (finally) comes around.

Here’s your weekly dose of motivation. Mondays are tough, BE TOUGHER.

Words to live by for the next seven days

“If you get tired learn to rest, not quit.”- Banksy
‘Someone, Anyone and flowers’ art by Xuan loc Xuan

A weekly pic to inspire the rest of the week (or at least the morning)

Misha Taylor


A mood-lifting song to get you in the right Monday mindset


An article from around the web to enrich your life

“Goodbye iPod, and Thanks for All the Tunes,” by David Pierce for Wired.

The iPod died  slowly, then all at once. After nearly 16 years on the market, more than 400 million units sold, and one Cupertino company launched into the stratosphere on its back, Apple quietly pulled the iPod Nano and Shuffle out of its virtual stores today. The iPod Touch still lives on: In fact, Apple now offers the Touch with 32 gigs of storage starting at $199. But that’s not a real iPod; it’s an iPhone-lite. Today officially marks the end of Apple’s era of standalone music players.


A conversation starter to help you make new friends or impress the ones you already have

The credit for naming the iPod goes to copywriter Vinnie Chieco, who drew his inspiration from the line ‘Open the pod bay door, Hal!’ in Stanley Kubrick’s film 2001: A Space Odyssey.


A luxurious item to lust over (or buy if you’re feelin’ $pendy)

Small Love Crossbody, $323.71 @ Rebecca Minkoff

What to look forward to this week

The MTV VMAs go down this Sunday. Katy Perry hosts this year’s show, with Thirty Seconds to Mars, Ed Sheeran, Fifth Harmony, Lorde, Miley Cyrus, Shawn Mendes and The Weeknd performing too. Tune in August 27 at 8e/5p to catch them all!

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