July 17, 2017

Monday Momentum: July 17

Every Monday, we mourn the death of the weekend. Luckily, Monday Momentum’s got everything to get you through this week—from your morning jams to something to look forward to once Friday (finally) comes around.

Here’s your weekly dose of motivation. Mondays are tough, BE TOUGHER.

Words to live by for the next seven days

“You give life to what you give energy to”

A weekly pic to inspire the rest of the week (or at least the morning)



A mood-lifting song to get you in the right Monday mindset


An article from around the web to enrich your life

“Power Causes Brain Damage” By Jerry Useem for The Atlantic

The historian Henry Adams was being metaphorical, not medical, when he described power as “a sort of tumor that ends by killing the victim’s sympathies.” But that’s not far from where Dacher Keltner, a psychology professor at UC Berkeley, ended up after years of lab and field experiments. Subjects under the influence of power, he found in studies spanning two decades, acted as if they had suffered a traumatic brain injury—becoming more impulsive, less risk-aware, and, crucially, less adept at seeing things from other people’s point of view.


A conversation starter to help you make new friends or impress the ones you already have

According to a study conducted by Sears Canada and Maru/Matchbox, over 80% of women feel that a beautiful set of undies is a mood booster.


A luxurious item to lust over (or buy if you’re feelin’ $pendy)

La Perla Azalea lace bra, $255 @ net-a-porter


What to look forward to this week

After a couple teases, it’s finally coming this week! Lana Del Ray’s Lust For Life album drops July 21, fam. The songs she’s already released have been a roller coaster ride of emotion, prepare yourself by referring to this guide.

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