April 14, 2013

Sunday Morning Moodboard: Roadtripping

Summer is kinda, almost, sorta approaching, which means it’s road trip season! Some of the best memories are made when you’re confined to a box on wheels with five of your favourite people – especially when the ~experience~ is soundtracked with nostalgic oldies, country tunes, 90s throwbacks and top 40 jams interspersed throughout.

But before we start relaying our own personal road trip anecdotes, you should probably start thinking of your ideal summer destinations. Because after scrolling through these inspirational pix, you’ll really be in the ~mood~ for your very own road trip!





[1: A retro car.] [

2: Roughing it in a place like this.]

[3: To avoid getting lost.] [

4: Reaching your destination.]

5: Not-so-loser cruiser.] [6: Because, 90’s Britney.] [

7: Many stops for this.] 
 [7: Stopping for this.] [

8: The beatlejuice trend – on a road trip.] [

9: Never ending roads like these.

] [10: Wind in the hurr.] [
11: And more roads like this.] [

12. And fun pit stops.] [

13: Grabbing food at diners.] [
14: Pit stops.] [

15: How you probably don’t look on a road trip.] [

16: Collecting plates.] [

17: Long days with your favourite people.] [
18: Are we there yet?

] [19: And they’re THIS much fun.] [20: Scenic routes.] [

21: Photo ops!


Are we there yet?

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