May 12, 2017

Mother’s Day Wisdom From Our Moms

“mama, we love you
mama, we care
mama, we love you
mama, our friend”
Spice Girls // FORA Staff

Contrary to popular belief, Mom’s don’t know everything (i.e. how to put music on their phones), but they do know a lot. To celebrate our moms, we decided to do a staff roundup of everything they’ve taught us that has stuck with us through our adult(ish) lives

Scroll through for a Mother’s Day staff roundup of the best beauty and fashion advice we got from our mamas!


“My sweet little mama is named Ruby (as if she wasn’t sweet enough), and she is the kindest person I know. Other than teaching me to be kind to others, she also taught me to be kind to my SKIN. She’s got the smoothest skin (perfect for snuggling up against) and her ultimate tip for maintaining that is to stay hydrated! Thanks for my skin (and my heart) nourished, mom!”
– Hilary Allan, FORA Digital Producer


“My mom taught me to be kind to people! And to always wear sunscreen.”
– Brooke Nolan, Brand Partnerships for MUCH/MTV


“Mama Khanna is the queen of all natural skincare. I remember growing up, every few weeks we were trying out a remedy she had concocted from “the new superfood that would save us all”. If she read about it, you could bet it would be on your hair, skin or nails by the end of the day! She always had a new mask up her sleeve, and constantly preached skincare > make up. Our kitchen was the original LUSH factory. Whether it was bathing in chamomile tea, putting yogurt all over my body, or lathering coconut oil in my hair (which for the record, she was already doing in the 90’s) – my sister and I were covered. Yes, she had to Tom and Jerry me around the house when I was younger– but my hair and skin thank her now! Trust me, there’s nothing turmeric and fish oil can’t solve! Thanks Ma!”
– Shreya Khanna, Project Manager, Brand Partnerships


“Wear sunscreen. Every. Single. Day. I can thank my mom for ensuing my skin stays protected on the reg because she has instilled this in my brain and it is now part of my daily routine. Her skin is flawless so I take any advice she throws my way, she’s got a pulse on all things beauty and skincare products related so I trust her judgement fully. Here she is reading a mag and brushing up on her beauty products poolside in LA, #GOALS.”
– Kristin Nickolas, Sr. Manager of Brand Partnerships


“Just so you know, my 4C hair breaks combs. One day, I complained to my mom that I wish I had her straighter and easier-to-manage hair, and she told me she never wanted to hear me say that again. She says I should love my hair, it’s a part of who I am. My mom tells me to use coconut oil for strength, health and moisturizing. Now, she’s teaching me how to properly twist it and I’m learning to cornrow my own hair. Thank you for giving me that black pride, mom.”
– Jody Anderson, CTV/MUCH Intern


“The best beauty tip I learned from my mom was the importance of exfoliating. I know you probably think your mom has the softest skin in the world but I’m sorry, you’re wrong. Because my mom has the softest skin ever known to man, woman or child. And it’s all credited to giving her body a good scrub every time she’s in the shower. Her beauty tool of choice is the humble washcloth coupled with a gentle soap like Dove or her personal favourite, Caress (we bring it back in bulk whenever we visit the states). But her emphasis on exfoliating is tied into the bigger lesson of babying, caring for and investing in your skin.”
– Celina Torrijos, FORA/MUCH/Far + Wide


“Any good knowledge that I’ve gathered over the years, I’ve likely gotten from my Mama – because she rules. But, three beauty essentials: Mama knows how to rock a bold lip! We both have naturally pale lips, so are strong believers in a game-changing swipe of rouge; my Mom has pin straight hair, so has always encouraged me to avoid straighteners and embrace my natural waves; and wardrobe staples! If you like a piece and feel good in it, don’t be afraid to grab it in a number of shades and doll it up differently.”
– Jess Huddleston, MUCH Digital Producer



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I definitely got all the style tips in the world from my mama! She is always ‘ahead of the trend,’ probably why everyone thinks she’s my sister! Her best advice is always dress to impress. From dressing me like her when I was younger to wearing the most awesome fashion statement pieces, including her ‘killer necklace’ whenever I am out with her she is the one always getting the compliments ;)”
– Francesca Garcea, Project Manager of Specialty Brand Partnerships


“I’ve learned so much for my mom. Something I’ll take from her when I move out is how she re-uses a lot of glass and plastic containers like instant coffee jars to carry all of her snacks. Also, I got my thrift shopping skills from my mama, because she is the thrift queen and loves a good bargaining hunt through aisles and aisles of vintage threads. P.S. – Thanks for the mom jeans that make me feel like I’m in SNL‘s skit, mommy.”
– Cherileigh Co, FORA Intern


“My mom has always been a big proponent of quality over quantity, especially when it comes to fashion. Instead of constantly chasing trends and buying fast fashion, my mom taught me to invest in classic pieces made from quality materials and fabrics that would last longer. It made me be more selective in what clothes I would ask for at Christmas and on birthdays. Having fewer items taught me to take care of my belongings and it made me more creative in how I would pair them together and accessorize. Also, as a redhead, she was told while growing up to never wear pink, which resulted in a full-on rebellion that included me wearing only pink from ages 0 to 6. There was likely a point where I began wishing these OshKosh overalls weren’t such good quality and would finally give out, but they hung in there until I finally outgrew them and could pick something in blue.”
– Allison Bowsher, MUCH Writer



[Trench Coat, $195] [Mom Jeans, $97] [Guess Necklace, $36] [Sandals, $247]

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