April 7, 2014

What Your Nail Shape Says About You


They say ~your nails are the window to your soul~. Wait, that’s not right is it…well they might as well be, because your nails reveal a lot more about yourself than you’d expect. Keep reading to see what YOUR claws say about you.
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Short & Round

Source: thebeautyrebel

You are the only girl of your age group that shops at J Crew. Adults describe you as “sensible”. You floss your teeth daily and also exfoliate your skin every week. Your dream vacation spot is Montauk or Coral Gables. You are an herbal tea enthusiast. You have a secret wedding Pinterest board that you update almost daily.





You are confident yet shy…old-fashioned yet modern. You’re the type of gal that rocks vintage Levi’s with $600 heels. You haircut is probably a dark blunt bob with bangs. You are having a hard time deciding between an English Literature or Political Science major. Sometimes when you go grocery shopping you put an English accent to sound exotic.




Source: wewomen

Your soda of choice is Dr. Pepper, and your gum flavour of choice is cinnamon (the more intense, the better). You carry a tiny bottle of Tabasco sauce with you everywhere you go. You were voted “Most Likely To Be On Broadway” in your high school yearbook. You rock black lipstick and sunglasses indoors with no qualms. You feel naked wearing a heel less than 3 inches. Your most overused hashtag is #werk.





There’s Juicy Couture poking around somewhere in your closet. You drink an average of 3 cans of Diet Coke per day. You go spray tanning and have been lying about your age since you were 12. You want a BIG wedding ring (Like J-Lo’s pink 6.1 carat one from Ben Affleck, but a little bigger). You have ambitions to be a cheerleader…and maybe, just maybe, a sorority.




Source: wmagazine

You are fascinated by Japanese culture. You may or may not draw a mole above your lip with brown eyeliner everyday. You enjoy Sofia Coppola and Quentin Tarantino movies. You style your hair with hot rollers. Your best thrifting find to date is a vintage Yves Saint Laurent trench coat. You prefer to drink soda out of a glass bottle.

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