November 26, 2014

THROWBACK: Nine 'Comebacks' We Thought Were Amazing As Kids


Do you remember the importance of having really good comebacks as a child? Like, “Talk to the hand cause the face ain’t listening”, or the “Your mom’s so fat….” jokes? I’m not sure what possessed us all to think they were such a burn/so cool/funny/insulting, but looking back on them is simply hilarious. Here’s a toast to the best but worst comeback quotes of all time inspired by movies/shows/television in general.




1. Mean Girls


… Enough said.



2. Mean Girls Take Two


…The Mean Girls quotes are endless and hilarious.



3. Clueless


This was the thing to say every time a boy tried talking to you.



4. She’s The Man


Amanda Bynes was the definition of funny in this movie. And her comebacks to Viola? Amazing. Just amazing.



5. Lizzie McGuire





6. Full House


You go, girl.



7. Boy Meets World


Oh, Eric. You weenie.



8. Boy Meets World Take Two


And again.



9. Smart Guy


Moe was normally the stupid one in Smart Guy, but Marcus got a few burns from Yvette here and there, too. This is just one of the many. Ha! #solame



Burn. So Lame. Bye.


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