August 6, 2014

On Da Road With Etsy x MTV FORA


Pack it up, pack it in. Let me begin. In case you missed it, we’ve hit the road with our buds at Etsy Canada in the name of all things handmande/local/tasty! As you can imagine, when food trucks and covetable handmade accessories collide, it’s one big Pinterest-worthy dream come true. I’m talking ice cream for dinner and handmade treats so sweet you’ll be swearing off big box chains before sundown (Exhibit A: The Angry Weather). And did I mention the airstream?! We’ll get to that, but first a recap of our Etsy-fied excursion from Parc Olympique to Old Port, Montréal.

DISCLAIMER: This post will likely definitely give you roadtrip fever. Lucky for you, we’ve got two stops left on our adventure! You can catch the party in YYZ territory this Friday and Saturday (In food talk that’s Beavertails and Churros, respectively, FYI).




Packing for Snacking


It’s a well-known fact that the best way to learn about a city is to eat it. Ya know, mow down on some homegrown grub, get adventurous with a local delicacy. It’s with this mindset that I set out packing for the ten days of Etsy. Idk about you, but in my books this translates to packing light to leave room for snacks, duh! Being the avid market frequenter that I am, I was happy to have followed the “packing for snacking” model after stocking up on fresh fruits at the Jean Talon Market in Montréal and the Parkdale Market in Ottawa.

Aside from stuffing my to-go white leather backpack with Québec strawberries, I can’t leave the house without a Polaroid camera, white sunnies, a journal, and some (comfortable yet cute) sandals. All the better for hiking up Mont Royal, amiright ?!

The Ride

Source: @daniirey@rosizzle 

As any level-headed Gen Y raised on a hearty diet of Tumbling will tell ya, it ain’t a roadtrip without a sweet ride. Leave it to team Etsy to surpass our wildest internet dreams and show up on Day One of the adventure in a orange airstream, pennant banner – photo booth and all. Parked amongst the infamous food trucks at Parc Olympique, a quirky bumper sticker set the tone for the day: “Will Break For Creativity”. We’re on board with this message (har har). After all, what better pitstop than one with cutesy picnic tables, Mad Libs, and snacks?!



The Goods

Source: @theangryweather

Aside from beards, eyeliner, and all-girl bands, one of our favourite topics of discussion on MTV FORA is ~friendship~. It’s no surprise then that we found the newest member of our cool girl army amongst the covetable accessories at our first stop. Jewelry designer Iveth Morales of The Angry Weather is as quirky/sweet/charming as the raincloud shaped earrings she crafts in her Montréal studio. And can we talk about that instagram feed? It’s no wonder that greeting cards made from her Insa pics a were hot commodity that day!



The Noms

Source: @theangryweather/ @rosizzle

So maybe MTV FORA videographer Rosanna and I got a little lost on the way. Multiple times. But I’d like to argue that it only lead to good things. Naturally, as the saying, getting lost is just an excuse to be found. Well let me tell you, the ice cream in Montréal certainly found the best of me. Or rather I found it. And then had seconds. All for research purposes of course. From all my highly scientific frozen treat research I’ve concluded that the best can be found at the First Friday’s food truck Monsieur Crémeux, and the mobile Popsicle stand Pops Art. Do yourself a favour and try the cantaloupe basil pop. You’re welcome.


Though it may seem like we just did a lot of snacking, Rosanna and I managed to squeeze in our fair share of exploring too. After a picnic in Mont Royal park, we hiked our Nike-clad feet up the mountain and took in the view (left). As expected there was thirfting involved, but the highlight of day two was without a doubt when Corinna Rose took the Etsy stage for some foot-stomping, hand-clapping entertainment (right).

The next day as we said “peace out” to the land of poutine and man buns we got lost only once somewhere between the Trans Canada and our Nations Capital. Seeing the wrong turn as a precursor for the ice cream to come, I sat back, relaxed, and watched Ottawa appear on the horizon.


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