July 25, 2014

Perfectly Curated Movie Binges for Every Mood

It’s Friday, and that means the weekend essentially starts now. So take the advice “treat yo-self”, and stay inside and watch movies all day long. Grab your favourite blanket, your best friends, your boyfriend, and most importantly some microwave popcorn. I’ve curated the best all-day/all-night movie binges to help you procrastinate forever. Whether you feel like revelling in the best old flicks that came out way before you were born, or you’re looking for a pick-me-up, these movie sequences are sure to remind why Netflix is totes worth $8 a month.





The Emotional Roller Coaster Movies

YOUR MOOD: This movie binge is for a day when you need a good cry. You will need 3 boxes of tissues, 1.7 containers of Ben & Jerry’s, and your sister or your mom to watch along side you. You will cry out of sadness, then happiness, and then you’ll realize it must be, ahem, that time of the month.

WATCH IN ORDER: The Pursuit of Happyness (2006), Blue Valentine (2010), The Perks of Being a Wallflower (2012)



The Girls Night Movies

YOUR MOOD: This binge is for a fun night with your best ladies. It involves thanking the Lord that you and your friends are not those girls (Mean Girls) and promising eachother you’ll be one another’s bridesmaids one day (The Bachelorette). Then it involves knowing that you’ll all stay friends and everything will still be okay even when you’re in your forties and one of your husbands sleeps with some perfume counter ho, because you’ll start your own clothing line anyways #girlpower (The Women)

WATCH IN ORDER: Mean Girls (2004), The Bachelorette (2012), The Women (2008)



Feel-Good Movies

YOUR MOOD: These movies are intended to make you smile and remind you that everything is going to be great. Whether you get pregnant in high school (please don’t do this, though), or you wind up a broke 20-something living in NYC, it’ll all work out. Also, It’s Complicated made this list because the final seen will make you want to have a pyjama party with your siblings and any move with John Krasinski should brighten your day.

WATCH IN ORDER: Juno (2007), It’s Complicated (2009), Frances Ha (2012)



Throwback Movies

YOUR MOOD: When you’re experiencing a serious case of old-timey nostalgia, go for the vintage flicks. As you watch these movies with lower screen resolution and bad 60s/80s clothes, remember that yes, everything did used to be better in the old days.

WATCH IN ORDER: Breakfast at Tiffany’s (1961), The Breakfast Club (1985), The Wedding Singer (1998)



Julia Roberts Movies

YOUR MOOD: I guess the right mood to be in for this movie binge is one that feels like watching Julia Roberts go from prostitute to actress to a lost 40-something woman. It also involves going to multiple countries, and singing along to the Notting Hill soundtrack.

WATCH IN ORDER: Pretty Woman (1990), Notting Hill (1999), Eat Pray Love (2010)




Make-Your-Own Reminiscent Movie Binge

YOUR MOOD: Sometimes, you just feeling like watching the movies you’ve seen a million times over that never fail to make you happy.

WATCH IN ORDER: Everyone’s favourite movie playlist is personal. For example, mine includes Bridesmaids, because my friends and I will never stop inserting the phrase, “There’s a colonial woman on the wing”. Also, Because I Said So, which I’ve watched the beginning of it at least forty times and yet I’ve never seen the ending. And, of course, Love Actually, (since 8th grade, my sister and I have played hookie from school every year around Christmas to watch this movie).



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