June 25, 2015

Play By Play: Carly Rae Jepsen’s “EMOTION”

Carly Rae Jepsen EmotionOur girl Carly Rae Jepsen just released EMOTION, the follow up to 2012’s Kiss, in Japan. Get EMOTIONal with us as we listen to it for the first time in this play-by-play. Expect ’80s throwbacks, summertime soundtracks from this highly anticipated record.


The opener could easily be this album’s biggest banger. We already knew to expect serious ’80s vibes from this album (Have you seen the album art? The neon pink “E•MO•TION” in Dirty Dancing font should have been a hint) but I was not prepared for just how ’80s that ’80s sax was.

Lyric: Baby, take me to the feeling/I’ll be your sinner in secret/When the lights go out/Run away with me 


“Emotion” was released ahead of the album drop date. It’s super bubbly and perfectly sets the retro mood for this album.

Lyric: Drink tequila for me babe/Let it hit you cold and hot/Let your feelings be revealing that you can’t forget me


You’ve heard this song. You love this song. You hate this song. This track perfectly illustrates that innocence, confusion, and hesitation that exists between the realms of “like” and “love”.  Also, it’s catchy as hell. But you knew that already.

Lyric: It’s like everything you say is a sweet revelation/All I wanna do is get in your head 


So this is the first track I haven’t heard before.  It’s a more mellow pop song that winds you down from tracks 1-3. Which is good, because I see that a ballad is coming up next.

Lyric: Eyes so bright/You got a hold of me the whole damn night/I toss and turn but still I can’t sleep right


She released this song after “I Really Like You”. This glittery ballad would be the perfect score to a high school movie where the unlikely couple of Popular Girl and Nerd Guy finally get together. At the year-end school dance, they slow dance to this in rented formal wear.

Lyric: I’ll be your lighthouse when you’re lost to see/I’ll keep my light on, baby, you can always come to me


A definite girl power anthem. Save this track for your next Getting Ready for a Girls’ Night Out playlist. Fun fact: Carly Rae worked on this track with Sia. Talk about #Goals.

Lyric: I think I broke up with my boyfriend today/And I don’t really care/I’ve got worse problems


This song is a darker pop jam, it’s not that memorable since it pales in comparison to everything that Carly’s given us this far.

Lyric: What I got you need it, and I’ll run to your side/When your heart is bleeding, I’m coming to get you


We’re back on track with “Your Type”. It’s a whiny song about longing, reminiscent of the themes in Kiss. Love it.

Lyric: I miss you, I mean it, I tried not to feel it/But I can’t get you out of my head/And I want you to miss me/When I’m not around you


“Let’s Get Lost” was made for sitting in the passenger seat of your boo’s car. It’s for spontaneous day trips to the beach. It’s for those second act montages of the couples at the beginning of their relationships in romantic dramedies.

Lyric: Baby let’s go get lost/I like the way you’re drivin’ slow/Keeping my fingers crossed/That maybe you’ll take the long way home


We’re officially halfway through this album. This punchy song is about the vanity of LA living. It’s a good one.

Lyric: There’s a little black hole in my golden cup so/You pour and I’ll say stop


Warm Blood makes me feel like I’m at a too loud, too sweaty bar even though I am in a chilly and (relatively) quiet office.

Lyric: Warm blood, underneath my skin/Warm blood, my heart is pumping


This is a sing-along. Consider it a more upbeat and dance-y way of flipping off your ex.

Lyric: You come to me in dreams at night/I wake up and I see the light


This kind of sounds like music that would play in the character selection of a video game that centres on a group of female crime fighters who drive around in Volkswagen Beetle.

Lyric: I don’t care about your good intentions/I care more about your bad dreams


After “Run Away” this is the most ’80s track on the record. It manages to echo modern-day EDM tracks played on the radio while still being so obviously retro.

Lyric: It’s your fault, baby boy cause you’re the one that sparked this/Shine a light, with your eyes into me in the darkness


Right away, this doesn’t sound like anything Carly has done before. It reminds me of Taylor Swift’s “Clean” (but unlike Clean, it’s not the absolute worst song on this album)

Lyric: When I’m close to you/We blend into my favourite colour/I’m bright baby blue/Fallin’ into you, falling for each other


This track is rosy and dusky and romantic and everything you need as this album approaches its close.

Lyric: Cause oh darling don’t you know/My only heart is beating for you


“Love Again” is the light at the end of the tunnel you forgot existed.  File this next to Cher’s “Believe” and Britney’s “Stronger”.

Lyric: Open up your heart to the ceiling/Don’t you know it hurts for a reason/Time will take you back to believing/You’ll learn to love again

Watch our interview with her at the MMVAs below:

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